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Phantom Of The Opera

  • All I Ask Of You

    [male voice] No more talk of darkness Forget these wide-eyed fears I am here, nothing can harm you My words will warm you and calm you Let me be your freedom Let daylight dry your tears I am here, with you and beside you To guard...

Swizz Beatz f Jadakiss, Ron Isley

  • Big Business

    [Intro: Ron Isley, Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss] [Ron Isley] Swizz Beatz [Swizz Beatz] Yes sir [Ron Isley] Show them what they dealing with [Swizz Beatz] Come on [Ron Isley] Oooh! [Jadakiss] Uh [Ron Isley] Oh yeah! [Jadakiss] Ha ha ha ha ha! [Ron Isley] Ah y...

Phantom Planet

  • All Over Again

    Your crash is waiting to happen
    And you you`re dragging me down

    All over again
    I give in I give up

    You splashed but you started sinking
    And you you`re dragging me down

    All over again

Joe Perry Project

  • 4 Guns West

    Four guns west, this is not a test A hawk is about to fly San diego, l.a., san francisco yesterday Rocking up a ? ? ? ? ? ? Rode into town and loose with a sound Theres no doubt whos the best High noon came on the trail aga...

Дмитрий Воронков

  • Seventeen

    Дмитрий Воронков

    Тебе всего семнадцать лет,

    тебе идет зеленый цвет,

    я в голубом костюме,

    влюблен и остроумен.

    Твой мелодичный голосок


Юрий Левитанский

  • Кепочка

    Юрий Левитанский

    Голова поседела - не скорби,

    Не грусти, не печалься: погоди.

    Ты купи себе кепочку, купи,

    Ты ходи себе в кепочке, ходи.

    Нынче все ма...

Uncle Kracker f Kid Rock, Paradime

  • Heaven

    If Heaven ain`t a lot like Detroit, I don`t wanna go If Heaven ain`t a lot like Detroit, I just as soon stay home If they ain`t got no Eight Mile like they do up in the D Just send me to Hell or Salt Lake City It would be about the same to me, it would...

Shades Of Culture f DJ Choice

  • A Little Bit About Us

    INTRO [?1] Hmmm, what style do you practice? [?2] I`m fluent in the mic technique and you [?1] Hmm, your style`s pathetic, you want a fresh style? Let me show you [D-Shade] {Revolution} I`ll tell you a bit about myself, and swing it with a...

Smash (Смэш)

  • Don`t look back

    You want release But you relieve each moment Now he`s gone And he`s just gonna keep on going But I`m here and I`m staying I`m hoping and praying That you`ll leave that world behind Cause I want you to be all mine Don`t look back The past is just a ...

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