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Beanie Sigel f Journalist, Major Figgas

  • Philly`s Finest

    (mixed and scratched sample) P-H-I-L-L-Y, North, West, Southwest South side P-H-I-L-L-Y, Give it to them bitches and niggas who stay fly [Verse 1 - Beanie] You know my flavor Low linen double s gators Jeans ripped on purpose Moure written in cursive T...

Big Moe f D-Gotti

  • Purple Stuff

    [Intro: Big Moe] Throw, yo` hands highhh - wave `em side to side Throw, yo` hands highhh - wave `em side to side Throw, yo` hands highhh - wave `em side to side Throw, yo` hands highhh - wave `em side to side [Big Moe] Everybody clap yo` hands, and si...

Dakota Moon

  • A Promise I Make

    Girl, you`re every breath I take Oh baby, Your love rules every move I make Oh baby, And I know that you can`t read my mind And baby, maybe I Don`t say it as often as I should But I really want it to be heard When I say I...


  • Good Man

    You could watch me in the Gentlemens club Substitutin that dance just for love, love Im goin home to an empty house Thinkin who should I call for some fun, hey I never knew love until you, love Never thought that Id fall in love...

Motley Crue

  • 1st Band on The Moon

    Theres a problem with the girls here on earth They stopped acting dizzy wearing miniskirts Seems like everything wild is in distaste Gotta get my band off in outer, outerspace I want a place that wants arena rock Along with...

Stomy Bugsy

  • Aucun Dieu Ne Pourra Me Pardonner

    Je sais que j`t`en ai fait voir de toutes les couleurs.
    Mais tu connais ma vie, ma miss, а 700 а l`heure.
    C`est plus la peine de m`attendre.
    J`te mйrite pas ma chйrie et зa tu peux pas comprendre
    J`suis qu`un jeune branle...

Victoria Adams (Victoria Beckham)

  • (Don`t Disturb) This Groove

    This Groove Hi, it`s me (Keep your eyes on me) You wouldn`t believe what I`m doin` Well come on then (Keep your eyes on me) Well take a little bit It feels good (Keep your eyes on me) What`re you doing? Come on, let me hear you (...

Big Kap and Funkmaster Flex f Kool G. Ra

  • QBG

    [Funkmaster Flex] PRODIGY, KOOL G RAP! [Prodigy] Nigga, I got cash nigga I had tooken care of real quick I ain`t wettin that Chorus [Prodigy] 2x Yo what`s the deal, you a thug or what We cut you up, nigga we`ll fuck you up What be the drill, we the Q...

Philly`s Most Wanted

  • Cocoa Leaf (No Relief)

    (featuring Clipse, Fam-Lay & Rosco P. Coldchain) [Pharrell in background] [Pharrell] Yo, hah huh, yo tell em [Verse - Pusha T] Kard` in me, I flow too angry for some Introduce myself I waving a gun Cocked the banger, fille...

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