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John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

  • Summer Nights

    Summer lovin` had me a blast - summer lovin`, happened so fast I met a girl crazy for me - I met a boy, cute as can be Summer days driftin` away, to uh-oh those summer nights Tell me more, tell me more, did you get very far? Tell...

mighty mighty lemon drops

  • where do we go from heaven

    Mighty Mighty Lemon Drops Where do we go from Heaven This song is pretty simple. The rhythm guitar plays a pretty simple rhythm line throughout the whole song.

mighty zep

  • friends

    From: bobz@crl.com (Robert Zawalski) Subject: TAB: Friends (mighty Zep) Tuning is (low to high) C,A,C,G,C,E I just figured out that tuning while rewatching unledded. Always wondered how to play dis song..

Buddy Holly

  • (You`re So Square) Baby I Don`t Care

    You don`t like crazy music You don`t like rockin` bands You just wanna go to the movie show And sit there holdin` hands You`re so square Baby I don`t care I don`t know why my heart skips I only know it does I don`t know why, I lo...

Heltah Skeltah f Tha Dogg Pound

  • Brownsville II Long Beach

    [Rock] Just understand the whole shit son, y`know y`know It`s too much doodoo over here, there`s doodoo over there KnowhatI`msayin? Get with the real, from here and the real from there And make it Mo` Better like Blues everywhere YaknowhatI`msayin? D...

In Grid

  • Tu es foutu

    Tu m`as promis le soleil en hiver et un arc en ciel tu m`as promis le sable dorй j`ai reзu une carte postale tu m`as promis le ciel et la terre et une vie d`amour tu m`as promis ton coeur ton sourire mais j`ai eu des grimaces tu m`as promis et je t`ai ...

John Travolta

  • Greased Lightning

    Why thiscar is automatic, it`s systematic, it`s hydromatic Why it`s greased lightnin`! We`ll get some overhead lifters, and some four-barrel quads, ohyeah Keep talkin`, whoa keep talkin` Fuel injection cut-off, and chrome-plated rods, oh yeah...

mike and the mechanics

  • A Call to Arms

    Pass the word, its a call to arms Midnight man at your door Blackened faces run in the night Daybreak under the floor Bring my bow Fill my head with flame, and we must Let them know that the torch is lit again Crystalize ...

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