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Labi Siffre

  • Nothins Gonna Change (1988)

    Life can be funny Sometimes a shame Making the same mistakes again and again It isnt easy being a man For a woman its harder Try it in the Sudan And when youre winning and when youve won You turn around ...

Константин Пронин

  • А с годами все трудней...

    Константин Пронин

    А с годами все трудней

    Ждать вечерних теплых дней

    И тревожит по ночам память

    Солнце спутнице своей

    Королеве лунных дней

    Отдает свои...

Ольга Тольская

  • Гостеприимство

    Стихи Иосифа Уткина, Ольги Тольской

    Музыка Ольги Тольской

    {Вокализ: G F# Am D7 G}

    G F#


Idiot Pilot

  • Hybrid Moments

    If you wanna scream then scream with me,
    Moments like this never last...
    When you you breathe you make your bed
    and you open up the door...

Sara Evans

  • Big Cry

    *Chorus* Give me a sad song that I can hold on to * Anything to set me free* Just one big cry, big tears in my eyes* to wash you away from me* I need a night all by myself* Got some things I need to work out* I got this fever th...


  • Diary Of A Piss Drinker

    Left alone - with fingers bleeding Try to claw - something worth keeping On my knees - and bleeding And you just don`t give a fuck A new betrayal - fucked hard again Stripped to bone - by one more set of friends Tear it down - no ...

Amazing Dave

  • Al Trout`s Hokum Washboard Band (live)

    Down in Lawrence town by the river Kaw Is the rockin`-est band you ever heard or saw You won`t need earplugs `Cuz it`s just five mugs Makin` jug band jazz without any jugs They`ve got songs a-plenty Clean and dirty Blue and sporty...

Captain Hollywood

  • Impossible

    Giving my life the highs and lows love - I`m trying to hold weaker I get everyday lose control of the things that I say Tell me how can I get right like a day without his bite don`t know which way to go don`t know what I`m looking...

Captain Jack

  • Captain Jack

    Ejo Captain Jack Bring me back to the railroad track Running to the railroad track Run along with Captain Jack Run into the peacecamp back Run along with Captain Jack Badadadideido, left right right left Badadadideido, run along w...

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