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Useless I.D.

  • Birthday Song

    It was a sunday, I never tought I could forget. If I would remember` I wouldn`t be full of regret. Now she needs an answer. I forgot her Birthday. Sitting and waiting, I want her to know that I care.

Bombshell and Baby Capone f Juvenile

  • Bullethead Soundtrack

    (Juvenile) I makes the money, I don`t let the money make me, Business as good as usual cuz it`s a great street, My life is like a see-saw, I had some good times and had some bad times Nigga was down to his last dime, I slept in a pissy hallway til` my ...

Main Source f Nas, Fatal, Akinyele

  • Breakin Atoms

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh-ohhhh-ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! It`s like that y`all (that y`all) That y`all (that y`all) --> repeat 5X and that`s all! [Nas] Street`s disciple, my raps are trifle I shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle Stampede the stage, I leave the...

Skull Duggery f Mystikal

  • Satisfied

    ball till you fall X3 [Mystikal] somebody said you was fuckin with me when I said I saw that bumpin cause after that ya`ll that nigga fucked up me and skull duggery got the little nigga somethin I told the boy nigga be beside himself stop playin with ...


  • 96 bitter better things2

    Artist: Camp Kill Yourself Title: 96 Quite Bitter Things Album: Camp Vol. 1 Transcribed by: violent S Email: WARNING :You may know this song buy the Mtv jackass song when there doing the shopping carts yeah Ha Ha its funny now till...

Makaveli (2pac) f Val Young

  • The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory

    [Dominique] Street Science, you`re on the air *static* What do you feel when you hear a record like Tupac`s new one? *static* [Man responds] I love Tupac`s new record *static* [Dominique] Right, but don`t you feel like that creates *static* a tension b...

Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler and amp; Ben Aff

  • Animal Crackers

    Chorus: Don`t Wanna Close My Eyes I Don`t Wanna Fall Asleep `Coz I`d Miss You Baby And I Don`t Wanna Miss a Thing Know What I was Thinkin` (What?) I, I Really Don`t Think That the Animal Crracker Qualifies as a Cracker (Wyh?) Well, `Cause it`s Sweet W...

Destiny`s Child f Master P

  • With Me Part 2

    [Master P] You`re my destiny You wanna be with me So holler if ya hear me (Uhhh) You`re my destiny You wanna be with me Holler if you hear me (Uhhh) You`re my destiny You wanna be with me Holler if ya hear me (Uhhh) You`re my destiny You wanna be wi...

Mobb Deep f Raekwon the Chef

  • Hell on Earth

    Verse One: Havoc and Prodigy Yo I rose early mornin, spread my wings yawnin Vague memory of last night now it`s all dawnin Look down and see dry blood all on my garment It stained all my Guess farmer`s, colored enormous I hopped up, outta my bed holdi...

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