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Newell Norman

  • Go Before You Break My Heart

    GO (BEFORE YOU BREAK MY HEART) Do you really mean what you try to say? Do you really mean you would go away? Say it isn`t true, say it`s just a game, Say it isn`t true, things are just the same, How can you and I ever say goodbye?...

Анастасия Стоцкая

  • Ария Сюзанны

    Как же так случилось, Я теперь другая. Я в него влюбилась, Вот беда какая. Как же так случилось, Я и не узнала. Просто я влюбилась, Ну разве это мало. Приходит Фигаро, Уходит он. Что нами видано, Как не любовь. Её сияние В ночном саду.


  • Arrhythmia

    Not broken
    Not partly infirm
    A fragile reminder to live
    Not to be scared when my heart skips
    Not to be scared, not to be scared

    And all I am is part of you
    (Perhaps she is overwhelmed)
    And I canno...

Beanie Sigel, Oschino and Sparks

  • State Property Soundtrack

    The State Property CD is labeled with just Beanie Sigel and Sparks being on Why must I. But Oschino is also on the track.


  • 2000 Miles

    Theres something I need to say Im not sad youre gone away no way Wont be calling information Or waiting at the railway station You walked out of my front door I wasnt then but now Im sure I need to be at least 2000 miles awa...

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  • Просто любить тебя

    Ты видишь во сне,
    Как белый снег
    Строит хрустальные дома из своей мечты
    Мне так хорошо
    Знаю я, что
    Будем мы целый день вдвоем
    Только я и ты

    Бережно коснусь я тебя своей рукой,
    Нежный поцелуй...

Field Mob

  • All I Know

    [Intro: Cee-Lo]
    It`s 6 O`clock, it`s volume 1
    Yeah, Greg Street`s mixtape

    [Verse One: Boondox]
    Uh uh
    I came up in the hood infested with teenage hustlers
    Street grinders, paper chasin scrapin busters

Minus Scale, The

  • Don`t Call Me

    As the words slip through your lips
    I can see you`re lying
    Will this ever be alright
    Can`t you see
    That even though you`re trying
    I can see it in your eyes
    Don`t call me, don`t call me your baby


  • 5:15

    Why should I care, why should I care?

    Girls of fifteen
    Sexually knowing
    The ushers are sniffing
    The seats are seductive
    Celibate sitting
    Pretty girls digging
    Prettier women....

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