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Teddy And The Frat Girls

  • Alophen Baby

    Some people like ass. Some people like tit. But nothing gets me going, Like liquid shit. My shit floats. It floats right to the top. I wanna shit my life away. I never wanna stop.

Katy Rose

  • I Like

    I wanna live before I die
    so don`t say I have to cry on
    one more freezing floor
    I ask you to open the door
    and see how things could have gone
    The reason that it took so long
    before you could figure out

Teddy Pendergrass

  • Believe In Love

    Oh love I`ve waited all my life to find you I`ve searched for you in every dream and suddenly you reached out to me oh love I remember when I first touched you I remember how my heart had wings to said upon tell me what went...

Big Pun f Remi Martin

  • Endangered Species

    [Big Pun] Yo yo yo What the fuck, Terror Squad All we do is battle what; what, what what Yo it`s The Dream Shatterer strictly for cream team battler Ring rattlin microphone fiend spline splatterer King of the throne, bringin it home five nights Up in T...

Nana Mouskouri

  • Aber Die Liebe Bleibt

    Zeit wird Raum aber die Liebe bleibt Wunsch wird Traum aber die Liebe bleibt. Wenn uns auch das Leben vieles nahm was ich von dir bekam das werd` ich nie verlieren.

Tee Set

  • Ma Belle Amie

    You were a child of the sun and the sky and the deep blue sea. Ma Belle Amie. Apres` tous les beaux jours je te dis merci merci. You were the answer on all my questions before we`re through.

Baby f Mannie Fresh

  • Birdman

    * send corrections to the typist (Intro:Baby) Uh huh uh huh Cut me up in my head, Cut me up nigga fuck Ay ay Fresh, its all gravy baby Its my turn nigga, I`m under the burn biotch If you ain`t getting money, you`s a crazy motherfucker (got to be a cra...

Secret Service f Status, E.S. and Carrie

  • Do Whatever

    [Hook: Status, E.S.] Let`s get together party, do whatever Fellas y`all could ride mamis, jump inside Maintain the vibe, leave the drama when you enter Throw up your four fingers, two twisted in the center [Status] Low profile lifestyle, down for my c...

Teen Idles

  • Deadhead

    Deadhead, deadhead, take another toke Deadhead, deadhead, you`re a lousy joke Friend of the devil, who you trying to kid Friends of the devil are dead like Sid I`ll be grateful when you`re dead I`ll be grateful when you`re dead I`...

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