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  • Alcoholic Storm

    I`m on ship in the sea of alcoholic drinks
    Enjoy the sunshine in my pleasent trip
    White sea-gulls flies above the waves
    Diving in abyss big ice-blue wales

    And the sudden it all changed at once
    Weather is beck...

Eminem and Redman

  • Off The Wall

    * Fart sounds [Eminem](Redman) Yo (Yo) Look! (Yo) [Eminem] No matter what people say I`m gon` keep rapping this way No matter what you may think I`m gon` keep doing my thing One of the worst things Is fat, bald men decided to w...

Benzino f Fatal Hussein

  • Redemption

    * send corrections to the typist [Benzino] Ima smoke until I`m fried Help me cope with the demons that I can`t hide Intuition is a gift (nigga) If you think that a nigga did it Hit em in the chest and keep it movin` Or go sit your silly ass down Dont ...

Lou Read

  • Perfect Day

    Just a perfect day drink sangria in a park and then later when it gets dark we go home Just a perfect day feed animals in the zoo and then later a movie, too and then home refrain: Oh its such a perfect day Im glad i spend it wit...

choking victim

  • 500 Channels

    500 Channels
    500 channels of a day-dream stimulation
    helps me to resent my life and raise my expectations.
    Locked into re-runs, your memories repeating,
    and all your ideals seem so self defeating.

Lou Reed

  • A Dream

    It was a very cold clear fall night I had a terrible dream Billy name and brigid were playing under my stair case On the second floor about two oclock in the morning I woke up Because amos and archie had started barking Th...

Schnell Fenster

  • Lamplight

    She`s trying to find the pieces To put it back together Chained to late nights A-huh, take aways, and caffiene In a pokey little room there She`s sitting with a vacant stare Cigarette butts lie everywhere Its a wet October nightma...

The Ace Cats

  • Linda

    Stundenlang häng` ich hier schon am Telefon uh verdammt ich hör` nur immer einen Ton.

The Adicts

  • Bog

    o god you are my hero you`re my main man i read the bible every day to see what you have got to say it doesn`t make much sense to me i`d rather read the beano so what if i don`t go to heaven it`s all a load of 27 i`d have a better...

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