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Gemma Hayes

  • Day One

    Oh good God whathas he done Traded a heart for a bullet and a mind for a gun Said he needed a bat to clear the way Now he won`t sit back so he starts to pray But oh, it aint so I can still make you ...

Communications Project (Dose One and Sco

  • Do Tell

    ...in once upon a times where babies are born into numerical order there are things like hip hop and dead people we just need to talk for two minutes...

Gem Boy

  • Donna PC

    La donna и comeun computer appena nuovo ce l’hai ci passi le serate e con gli amici non esci mai. Spendi milioni in accessori col tuo joystick tra le mani sogni con lui di fare sempre alcuni giochi strani.

Trae f H.A.W.K., Mr. 3-2

  • Screwed Up Click

    [Verse One: Trae] I`m bout to square it off, everybody better stay in they homes Cus when I spit, I`m representin I`m protected by chrome My old G Hump done told me Trae it`s bout that time to explode So everybody in my way better get the fuck off the ...

Сергей Погорелый

  • Апрельская зарисовка

    Сергей Погорелый

    А по календарю уже апрель,

    А по апрелю этого не скажешь,

    Решил апрель, что нашу параллель

    Он белыми белилами замажет.

    Лишь сосен благородные плю...


  • Turn Me On

    Every day just feels the same
    Nothing ever happens here
    I lose myself in reverie
    Every once in a while
    Enchain me
    with your gentle kiss
    Artificial and clean
    I lose my tenuous grip on life

Guerilla Maab f Big Pokey, Jay`Ton

  • Put Yo Hood Up

    (*talking*) Whooo, one mo` gin, yes sir It`s your boy Dougie D, live on the mic You know I`m talkin bout, we straight up Representing in here, me and my family Know I`m saying, we straight up smashing the gas Know I`m saying, we representing it to the ...

Canibus f C-4

  • Draft Me

    *female newsreporter talking* Also the, hearing from the defense department that they launched some fifty Tomahawk cruise missiles Not only from ahh US ships but also from British submarines in the area [Chorus: 2x] Draft me! I wanna fight for my ...

Gabry Ponte

  • Geordie

    Impiccherranno Geordie con una corda d’oro E un privelegio raro Rubo sei cervi nel parco del re Vendendoli per denaro Cosi lo impiccheranno con una corda d’oro E un privelegio raro Rubo sei cervi nel parco del re Vendendoli per denaro

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