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Slimm Calhoun f Big Boi (OutKast)

  • Dirt Work

    [Slimm] I`m about two and a quarter from rocking the bird And about a G short from choppin` the third Now I`m sitting at the light with ten pounds of herb Uh oh, there they go, the Red Dogs swerve Jumped out, Man, damn, they got nerve.

Adkins Trace

  • (this Ain`t) No Thinkin` Thing

    (Tim Nichols/Mark D. Sanders) I been thinkin` `bout our love situation All this attraction in the present tense I`ve reached the only logical conclusion Love ain`t supposed to make sense This ain`t no thinkin` thing, right brain, ...

DJ Pooh f T-Lee of LA Zuu

  • Bad Newz Travels Fast

    Intro: DJ Pooh. Zuu Tribe 97. T-Lee feels gold drastic. Yeah get the cash. T-Lee: Since money rules the world I`m a stay on the grind Sky high feelin` fine in this west sunshine I`m a rhyme all about my chips I ain`t lyin` I got my foot on the floor i...

Focal Point

  • Broken Bonds

    4:45 what have I done? You were such a friend I tore this bond apart I need you back I`ve broken the bond that made us strong I took a knife, and cut you from my life regret, remorse, I want to erase a plea for your friendship, sp...


  • (God)head

    I uphold my task To create and uncreate " Slaves are the ones who fallow The myth of an unproven God " Are the words of the atheist For we are the children Of the damn Non-sense ! Set forth to an undiscovered Era of spir...

Michael Gray

  • The weekend

    I Can`t wait.. for the weekend to begin, (I..i..i..i..i) I`m working, all week long, (I..i..i..i..i) I dream the days away, I wanna...

Shane Capone f D-12, Hush

  • Dirty, Filthy, Rotten, Scoundrels

    Shit, Shane Capone... the idiotic Bizarre Spit in your face [Bizarre] Shut the fuck up, before your ass get knocked It`s hard to talk, with a gun in your mouth Dirty Dozen, nuthin but bad news Fuck a bitch in the ass with a rubber Hush just used Fuck...


  • Almost Done

    Things of change, this time around, I`m on rocks I`m looking down, And I can see the whole the darkness `round here. You`re in spain and you walking free I`m inside without the key, Feeling sick and angry toward you.

Snoop Doggy Dogg w Kurupt, Daz and f The

  • Doggy Dogg World

    Intro: We`d like to welcome y`all to the fabulous Carolina West I own this motherfucker and my name is Taa-Dow Y`all niggaz know who I am y`all niggaz tearin up shit But we got somethin old, and somethin new for y`all tongiht Put your hands together f...

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