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  • Backup

    Why I ain`t your buddy Why I ain`t your buddy Why I ain`t your buddy Why I ain`t your buddy Why I ain`t your buddy Why I ain`t your buddy Why I ain`t your buddy Why I ain`t your buddy Now I wake up in the morning get out of bed Go...

Ten City

  • That`s The Way Love Is

    Two people take a vow to be together and live and love each other forever. They promise to love a lifetime funny thing then they change their minds. They both go their seperate ways and love is just a memory.

creedence clearwater revival

  • (wish I Could) Hideaway

    (J.C. Fogerty) Howdy, friend, beggin` your pardon, Is there somethin` on your mind? You`ve gone and sold all your belongings, Is that something in your eye? Well, I know you really never Liked the way it all goes down; ...

misc childrens

  • its a small world punk version

    Theme from Disneqland It`s a small world (punk) Hi guys, this is my first tab and also the first song we`ve coverred with our band. It`s very easy, hope you like it.

Queen Latifah

  • A King And Queen Creation

    [45 King] Let`s start the show off, sisters ago look alive The Queen Latifah, the King of 45 Bringing a mixture of pure flavor I make beats, she rock rhymes, so I gave a A sample sound, the she added a compound Word, this is for those who haven`t heard...

Skinner & Baddiel & The Lightning Seeds

  • Three Lions

    It`s coming home, it`s coming home, it`s coming
    football`s coming home x4

    Everyone seems to know the score,
    They`ve seen it all before
    They just know,
    They`re so sure,
    That England`s going to

Sadat X f Diamond D

  • The State of New York vs. Derek Murphy

    [Sadat X] You can call me X-Man, X-Man {repeats and fades} [Hook: Diamond D & (Sadat)] Make the joints thats hot It`s Sadat (But chu` can call me X-Man) Roll in ya city and blow up the spot It`s Sadat (But chu` can call me X-Man) Never catch me assed ...

Peter Griffin

  • Inside Out

    My life is action I mess around and hit the hights. It seems I never ever Get the chance to rest a while. Overhead the sun Tells me I`m about to meet my paradise So I go on and on Come see I`m flying high. Oh my oh my oh.


  • Karl Der Kaefer

    Tief im Wald, zwischen Moos & Farn, Da lebte der Kaefer mit Namen Karl. Sein Leben wurde jaeh gestoert, Als er ein dumpfes Grollen hoert: Laermende Maschinen ueberrollen den Wald, Uebertoenen den Gesang der Voegel schon bald.

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