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Fuel 238

  • Shimmer

    She calls me from the cold Just when I was low, feeling short of stable And all that she intends And all she keeps inside, isn`t on the lable She say`s she`s ashamed And can she take me for a while And can I be a friend, we`ll for...

Lyons Dana

  • Cows With Guns

    Fat and docile, big and dumb They look so stupid, they aren`t much fun Cows aren`t fun They eat to grow, grow to die Die to be et at the hamburger fry Cows well done Nobody thunk it, nobody knew No one imagined the great cow guru ...

Lys Assia

  • Arrivederci

    Refrain : Arrivederci Roma leb wohl auf Wiederseh`n! Wer dich einmal sah der muß dich lieben viele Dichter haben dich beschrieben doch nur wer dich kennt kann meine Sehnsucht auch versteh`n ! Arrivederci Roma.


  • Shizi

    Immmer wenn ich sie gebraucht war sie niemals da...Shizi! Du warst nie für michdaaaaaaaaa! Nie warst du für mich daaaaa.

Social Distortion

  • Born To Lose

    I was brought in this world 1962, I didn`t have much choice you see. But by the time I was eight, I could tell it was too late, I was already barking up the wrong tree.

U-God f Leatha Face

  • Supa Freak (Wildstyle)

    [Intro: Leatha Face] Get `em... Supa freak, freak, freak, freak, freak Freak, freak, freak, freak [Leatha Face] So you wanna be the man with the gun in your hand The Son of Sam, expand shells, invades where you dwell The smell of rigger mortis, corpse...

Lyte Funkie Ones

  • Summer Girls

    Yeah I like it when the girls stop by In the summer Do you remember? Do you remember when we met, last summer New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits Chinese food makes me sick And I think its fly when girls stop by for the summ...

Lyte Funky Ones

  • The Way You Like It

    I wanna sex you up (Yeah baby) Let me freak you up, Ah ah I wanna sex you up I know the way you like it Let me freak you up, Ah ah Girl, You are my destiny Baby, I like the way you walk, the way you talk You, you are a mystery C`m...


  • 44 Robbers

    I got up at half past four Forty-four robbers around my door Forty-four - and maybe more What the hell they want me for? Stubbly faces & gap-tooth grins Aint no way Im lettin them in No way - you cant come in Forty-f...

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