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  • 1000 Times

    Nightfall follows the day
    You fight with me
    Fill me with patience
    I was so brave once
    You rescued me
    Got in my way

    A thousand times
    Dumbfounded lies
    In tidy lines
    Let blood flood the t...

Michael Learns To Rock

  • 25 Minutes

    After some time I`ve finally made up my mind
    She is the girl and I really want to make her mine
    I`m searching everywhere to find her again
    To tell her I love her
    And I`m sorry `bout the things I`ve done

    I fin...

Skunk Anansie

  • 100 Ways To Be A Good Girl

    I caused a major war just by talking
    you flew into a rage, `cos that`s everything you know
    childhood of violence, filled with heartache
    I flew into a rage, `cos that`s everything I know
    I know 100 ways to be a good girl


  • Another Crazy Day

    Got the fuck up to another crazy day Got my travos, hit em up and I was on my way Three Flowers in my hair, creased up and my gat A half-way joint in my ear and a twenty dollar sack Jumped on my cycla and I rolled to the hood Smoking a toke, getting hi...

Cypress Hill

  • (Goin` All Out) Nothin` to Lose

    [B-Real] I got nothin to lose, I`m goin all out The deuce never stop, I refuse to play by the rules Uptight, when you steppin into the night, right Pigs comin up and shinin the bright light Nothin better to do, than fuck with the pride when you hide be...

DJ Screw and Lil Keke

  • Pimp That Pin

    (Lil Keke) I`m draped up and dripped out Know what I`m talkin` `bout Three in the mornin, gettin` the gat out the stash spot Fire up a fat sweet Turnin` on the bulb light Hand on the wood grain Ass on the tight white I`m showin` naked ass in the gre...

MC Hammer

  • Addams Groove

    *they do what they wanna do, say what they wanna say Live how they wanna live, play how they wanna play Dance how they wanna dance, kick and the slap a friend The addams family Now I was cold coolin`, you know (maxin` and relaxin`) Just kickin` it aro...

Nas f DMX

  • I Am...

    [Nas] Yo ill will, ruff ryders what what, sraight like that You a killer or a hustler, dealer or customer Gangsta or buster, youngster or old nigga A weed head, a coke sniffer You rich or a broke nigga Know you all relate to this shit that i wrote nig...

Sir Mix-A-Lot

  • A Rapper`s Reputation

    I`m rollin` in a Nine-Oh van. California, that`s my plan Got memories Mixalot left in limbo, first stop Sacremento Here we go, hit a club called Bentleys Want a skirt to git wit` me, hit me There`s a girl with a back like a Cadillac I walked up and got...

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