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Shabaam Sahdeeq f Xzibit

  • Concrete

    [Shabaam Sahdeeq] Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, yeah... As the world turn, cash to earn, falonious burn We Takin Ova, its our turn, where the moss burnin? Clear the path, we get more ass than saddle seats Steal this wall like the Alamo, standoff cowboy style I d...

Kastelruther Spatzen

  • Alexandra Komm Heim

    Alexandra ist verliebt sie kommt nachts nicht mehr heim die Mutter macht sich Sorgen: wo wird sie wohl sein? Sie war bis heut` ja immer ein liebes braves Kind. Alexandra wird erwachsen die Liebe macht sie blind.

Silkk the Shocker f Master P, C-Murder

  • Tell Me

    [Master P] Yo, uh Silkk, we gonna dedicate this one to all the hoes out there I aint calling every woman a hoe, but, uh, if the shoe fits wear it Cause uh Chorus: repeat 3X Tell me what you think after you talk to one of these stupid hoes Tell me how...

Авраам Руссо

  • Arabica

    Хотел бы мечту я свою разделить на двоих Закрываю глаза и целую ладони твои Только ты - мой мираж и растаешь как сказочный дым Растаешь ты Мой бог Без тебя моя жизнь как в пустыне песок Без тебя моя жизнь как в пустыне песок Мой бог Без тебя моя жизн...

Юлия Колосовская

Leo Marjane

  • Bei Mir Bist Du Schon

    Depuis qu`un soir dans un coin de France,
    J`ai vu dans l`ombre vos grands yeux immenses,
    Mon coeur est plein de folles esperances
    Et je pense a vous le jour et la nuit
    Mais notre langue n`est pas la meme
    Et pour vou...

Qkumba Zoo

  • The Child Inside

    Who`s that calling ? who`s that who can show the way ? The child inside, The child who lives still in your eyes ne ho ne ye he hiyo, ne ho ne yehe ha ne ho ne ye he hiyo, neho neho nehe hehe Who`s that dying, Trying for a space in...

Starlight Express

  • A Lotta Locomotion

    Coaches:A lotta locomotion that`s what we needFrom a locomotive who can take the leadFrom the eastern ocean to the western seaLocomotion`s gonna carry meA lotta locomotion that`s what we needIf we are ever gonna get up speedA lott...

U-God f Autumn Rue, INF-Black, Letha Fac

  • Destiny

    [Chorus: Letha Face (Autumn Rue)] I gotta keep it real... for my peeps, it`s my destiny (My life, my life, my life, my life) I gotta squeeze the steel.. in the streets, you won`t get the best of me Uh-huh, I ain`t never gonna stop...

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