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Midnight Ure

  • Breathe

    With every waking breath I breathe I see what life has dealt to me With every sadness I deny I feel a chance inside me die Give me a taste of something new To touch, to hold, to pull me through Send me a guiding light that shines...


  • I Got A Line On You

    (Randy California) Let me take you, baby Down to the riverbed Got to tell you something Go right to your head I got a line on you, baby I got a line on you I got a line on you I got a line on you, baby Gotta put your arms around m...

Felicia Sorenson

  • Once

    Once there were oceans
    endless emereld forests
    filled with sounds of magic
    once so ling ago

    Once I was jaded
    thought I knew a few things
    understood so little
    had so much to lose


Wyclef Jean f Elephant Man and Wayne Won

  • I Am Your Doctor

    [Intro & Chorus: Wyclef Jean] I am your doctor (Yeah yeah yeah) here`s the prescription (Girl!!!) Two teaspoons of my friendship, a full cup of my love (Yo Wayne Wonder, you ready to talk to the girls, let`s go) [Verse 1: Wayne Wonder] + (Wyclef Jean)...

Spiritual Beggars

  • Another Way To Shine

    Hatred, another way to shine Feel it, rushing through your veins You saw me falling out from a bar You called me hippie and bum You wanted to nail my face so hard Another Pilgrim gone so wrong Bimbo, another way to shine Lolita, ...

The Waterboys

  • Big Lover

    Big lover when I feel your love flow through me Big lover when I hear you whisper to me Big lover when I feel you You were like every love I`ve known spun into one - my mind is blown You were like all my burnt down dreams red...

Аркадий Северный

  • Вот с женою как-то раз...

    Вот с женою как-то раз Мы попали на Кавказ, - На вокзале встретили армяне. Предложили они дачу, - Что за дача? - Вот удача! Раз! Ее мы сняли! Предложили они дом - Раньше был курятник в нем, Но не это тема для печали.

Felix Project

  • On The Floor

    I wanna know is there anyone on the floor,
    who can suck me like a whore.
    Who can make me scream for more,
    on and on.
    I wanna see,
    all you ladies in the place.
    Put your titties in my face
    shake that body ...

Браво Земфира

  • Как быть ?

    По телевизору тебя увидев, Я так влюбилась, как мне быть? Такой талантливый, такой красивый, Мне захотелось позвонить. По радио тебя услышав, Твой голос не могу забыть. Ты песню пел мою любимую, Мне захотелось позвонить.

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