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Leary Denis

  • Asshole

    DENIS LEARY - ASSHOLE (Spoken) Folks, I`d like to sing a song about the American dream. About me, about you, about the way our American hearts beat way down in the bottom of our chests.

Leather Strip

  • Adrenaline Rush

    Drowning in shit From the evil force Deep in the bottomless pit You`re falling, falling Remove all the fear From the shimmering sight You will see everything clear It`s dawning, dawning Feeling the blow Against your crumbling bone...


  • Bullets

    Bullets do represent the war Bullets are not game Bullets are made just to kill To overcoming enemies Shooting, killing and smashing That is the bullets idea You won`t have another chance To love your life secondly Bullets are k...


  • Cataclysm

    I was sitting in my room to stay a bit alone when I heard the earth was quaking and more How many people were a prey to despair they will die Excuse me please, what people have done that wasn`t right ? Tell me why or explain to me...

Nocturnal Rites

  • Afterlife

    I am the vengeance, a link between the worlds
    Souring in legions, controller of all
    I am the substance of the chaos
    There`s one dominion, an evil and divine
    Spawn the inferno, oblivion calls
    Don`t look for sanctuary...

Eddie Money

  • I Think I`m In Love

    Ooh, something`s got a hold of me now It`s a feeling, burnin` up like I`m on fire Hold me tight babe, don`t leave me by myself tonight `Cause I don`t think I can make it through the night CHORUS: I think I`m in love And my life`s...

Killswitch Engaged

  • The End of Heartache

    Seek me, call me
    I`ll be waiting (x2)
    This distance, this disillusion
    I cling to memories while falling
    Sleep brings release and the hope of a new day
    Waking the misery of being without yo...

Wc Experience

  • Pannekoek Song

    Ne vent verleeje week ree nie ver van main vandoan
    Hil dicht oep de bumper
    Mee de grote lichte aon dus ik stapte oit
    Ja dи doei ik altaid, ik riep tege hum, witte wи ge zait

    Pannekoek, pannekoek, pa...


  • Fadeaway

    i`m not clear how it is i ended up here dej? vu-think of you now so far, once so near tangled in my own reflection--on the way down --fadeaway with my hands on my mind i hold wounds that won`t mend with my eyes opened wide i can s...

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