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Milk Inc.

  • Alone At Christmas

    She looks outside the window
    While she`s loosing track of time
    Trying to find the reason not to cry tonight
    Outside the snow is falling
    Children sing there songs of piece
    She finds herself believing in a lie tonight...

Notorious B.I.G. f Kelly Price, Mase, Pu

  • Life After Death

    [Verse One: Mase] Now, who`s hot who not Tell me who rock who sell out in the stores You tell me who flopped who copped the blue drop Who jewels got robbed who`s mostly Goldie down to the tube sock, the same ol pimp Mase, you know ain`t nuttin change ...

Soulja Slim f Black Felon, X-Conn

  • Get Cha Mind Right

    [Chorus] Ya talkin` that shit bitch nigga Wusup, wusup , wusup, wusup Better Get Cha Mind Right What What , Huh what [4x] [Soulja Slim] One lonely Soldier I be The last real nigga still down with Master P I do this for the money and I do this for the ...

Clinton Sparks f Joe Budden

  • Whatever it Takes

    It`s ya muh`fuckin boy, Jump Off Joe Budden here Clinton Sparks we gon` get familiar with it We gon` get familiar together man, hey...


  • 18 w/a Bullet Remix

    [Verse 1] See my life is like a song, I just don`t know the words So as I try to hum along people say that I`m disturbed Stare and call me a loon, say I`m singin` out of tune But my musics` got direction so I know what I`m doin` Don`t know where I`m go...

No I.D. f Dug Infinite

  • Fate or Destiny

    [Dug Infinite] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yo can`t you tell that this hip-hop shit, be on the spiral Make me set up shop, I keep it hot like a pyro- -maniac, the reason is mainly that, a lot of cats they lack, format and structure when the...

Sinista Sistaz (Tommy Wright III)

  • Get Da Anna Off

    [Princess Loko] These bitches be killin` me, They constantly talkin` bout what they gon` do to me But I`m takin` no chance of gettin` caught slippin` I`m clickin` on hoes that hate me The Devil`s inside ah me, controllin` my thoughts He`s tellin` me wh...

The Diplomats (Cam`Ron and Juelz Santana

  • Bigger Picture

    [Cam`Ron] Killa, Uh Huh Heatmakerz,Yes Sir Jones, Santana, Freekey, The Union Holla At Da Boys Man Uh Huh This Is Diplomat Records Man, Yes Sir Ya`ll Can`t Fuck Wit Us, At All We Can Go To War For Years Let`s Do It Man (Our Grandsons Could Get It On) I...

C-Murder f Afficial


    (Intro) I`m a criminal, he`s a criminal She`s a criminal, we some criminals Wouldn`t you like to be a criminal too And we thuggin` (talking) Uh huh, from the mind to the heart TRU thug niggas in your heart boy TRU niggas, a.k.a., uh huh Check it, big ...

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