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Sneaker Pimps

  • 6 Underground

    Take me down, 6 underground, The ground beneath your feet, Laid out low, nothing to go Nowhere a way to meet I`ve got a head full of drought, Down here, so faroff losing out Round here, Overground, watch this space, I`m o...

The Rattles

  • Bye Bye Johnny Be Good

    She drew out all her money at the southern trust and put her little boy aboard a greyhound bus leavin Louisiana for the golden west Down came her tears from her happiness Her own little son named Johnny be good Was gonna make some...


  • 100 шагов (Remix)

    муз.Илья Дуров, сл.Илья Дуров.

    Я не смогу тебя узнать через тысячу лет,
    Я не хочу тебя терять, тебя не видеть век,
    И я прошу останови этот бешеный бег
    А ты летишь, и на лету я не слышу ответ.


  • Я тебя не люблю

    Я тебя не люблю
    Сама сказала
    Я с ума не сойду
    Что с кем-то рядом
    Ты не останешься одна
    Не останешься одна
    Одна, одна, одна, одна

    Это не я, а это не ты
    Просто рукой нарисовал мечты я

Patsy Cline

  • A Poor Mans Roses

    Written by bob hilliard and milton delugg (as recorded by patsy cline november 8, 1956) I must make up my mind today What to have, what to hold A poor mans roses Or a rich mans gold Ones as wealthy as a king in a palace ...

Vanessa Williams

  • (He`s got) The Look

    Oh gotta know him better He`s got the look baby I want to know He`s got the look baby just got to know One sleepless night, no air inside went out to have some fun, rock to morning light to my surprise he caught my eye My heart ...

The Real Thing

  • You To Me Are Everything

    I would take the stars out of the sky for you Stop the rain from falling if you asked me to. I`d do anything for you your wish is my command I could move a mountain when your hand is in my hand.

The Red Chord

  • Breed The Cancer

    Festering stench in the air - rotten. The black and filth all around - breeds. The masses breed this cloud that is slowly blackening our lungs. The ashes cinchur and slowly destroy, turning the pink flesh to rot.

Виктор Берковский, Дмитрий Сухарев

  • Альма матер

    Стихи Дмитрия Сухарева

    Музыка Виктора Берковского

    Hm Е

    Альма-матер, альма матер, легкая ладья.

    Em Hm ...

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