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Lawnmover Deth

  • Kids In America

    Lookin` out a dirty old window Watchin` all the cars in the city go rushing by I sit here alone And i wonder why. Friday night and evryone`s moving. I can feel the heat but it`s soothing heading down.

Sham 69

  • 14 Years

    14 years said the judge And give my love to Wormwood Scrubs Leave it out you`re taking the piss I wrote all that on cannabis Sorry son you`re going to jail And don`t even think about getting bail I said leave it out you`re taking...

Lawnmower Deth

  • Betty Ford`s Clinic

    It`s that time of year, It`s time to go abroad, It`s time to go on holiday, And visit Betty Ford`s.


  • Abyss Of Desolation

    Darkness falls The abyss calls The shadows realm appear A black gate A dark soul fate Eternal Darkness Black walls of frozen souls Twisted bodies sourrounding me Into the abyss, I fall Into the abyss, of desolation The path leads ...

David Wilcox

  • (You Were) Going Somewhere

    from Home Again .............................................. I saw you just the other day I watched you walk a little way You vanished `round the corner When I got there you were gone You might of heard me if I`d called We cou...

methods of mayhem

  • Anger Management

    Tommy lee - I dont deny Im in the public eye seems like 24/7 being Watched by a spy makes me wonder why they dont live their Own livestheir not news reporters-theyre full of bullshit And lies leave them alone their carma will b...


  • Blade Circle

    Portal of the Holder, Keeper of the Seven Blades! Portrait of the Order, Silver on the 5th.

mey reinhard

  • Ber Den Wolken

    Wind nord/ost, Startbahn null drei bis hier hr ich die Motoren Wie ein Pfeil zieht sie vorbei und es drhnt in meinen Ohren Und der nasse Asphalt bebt wie ein Schleierstaub der Regen bis sie abhebt und sie schwebt der Sonne entgege...


  • Ain`t No Need

    IMx is back again
    So everybody run and tell a friend
    LDB, Bat, Romeo
    They`re three bad brothers `bout to run the show
    IMx is back again
    Yo`, B-A-T, won`t you bring it in

    Listen, don`t you hate it when p...

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