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Master P f Mystikal, Silkk, Snoop

  • MP Da Last Don

    [Snoop] ha ha ha hagreeting niggas and niggetts the underground dog is back up in yall one more again for the cause breakin all off for my TRU tank dogs Mystikal, Sillk, and yo P (uuungh) lets keep this shit straight G and do this for all the ridas, s...

Майя Кристалинская

  • Два берега

    Ночь была с ливнями, И трава в росе. Про меня счастливая Говорили все. И сама я верила, Сердцу вопреки: Мы с тобой два берега У одной реки. Утки все парами, Как с волной волна, Все девчата с парнями, Только я одна.


  • Ei kukaan

    Tдnд yцnд kaikki on liikaa
    tдmд yц sinut kuihduttaa
    huominen niin kaukana poissa
    tie vie sinut umpikujaan

    Maailma musta ja harmaa
    nimilaatoista tunnistaa
    kaikki jotka jдivдt velkaa
    maksaa k...

Monica f Big Gipp, JT Money, Majic

  • Street Symphony (Cyptron Zone III Remix)

    [Big Gipp] Hey, enough I know you`re not gonna be all lame and choose My house in Atlanta is what made you, you You ain`t never had nothin` till I paid the dues My word is gold, I lay the rules Why you trippin` on a brother about the things he do Look,...


  • ! (The Song Formerly Known As)

    I don`t go to parties baby
    cos` people tend to freak me out
    watch their lips to work it out i can hear the words but I still
    don`t know what
    its all about
    won`t see me down the disco mama coz bright lights really h...

DJ Quik f AMG

  • I Useta Know Her

    [DJ Quik] Yeah somethin new Somethin different Yeah bitch you know who I`m talkin bout I`ma tell the whole world about yo ass I useta know her (Talk box) I useta know her I useta know her (Talk box) I useta know her Way back in 1991 I useta know her (...

Main Flow

  • Behind the Lines

    [18 second long intro skit about cops frisking for drugs] [1- Main Flow] It`s hard to define these vets, behind the lines where we find these threats Chinese connects, with jets like Siamese pets Who in your household {?} the gold Thousand to fold, no...

Paul Wight

  • Its The Big Show

    Welllll - Well its the Big Show Yes it`s a big bad show tonight - (Wow) Yeah its the Big Show Come on - Crank it all up and turn on all the lights - yall Well if your ready for something Cause you never know You wont see it comin ...

Paul Young

  • Both Sides Now

    Paul Young - Both sides now

    Rows and floes of angel hair
    And ice cream castles in the air
    And feather canyons ev’rywhere
    I’ve looked at clouds that way

    But now they only block the sun
    They rain a...

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