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Sons of Funk f Master P, Mo B. Dick, Sil

  • Side to Side

    Master P: Ugh How that feel to ya baby That feel good to you. Let me ride it like a thug ride a 6 4 (x4) Chorus: (Sons of Funk) Were gonna go front, back, side to side You better get ready cause girl it`s on tonite (Master P) Let me ride it like a t...


  • ice trees and lullabies

    Artist: Coinneach Track:(1)Ice,Trees & Lullabies Album:Ice,Trees & Lullabies Written by Davy Cowan E E* Cm 0 2 2 x x x x 7 9 9 7 x x 4 6 6 5 4 B A 7 9 9 8 7 7 5 7 7 6 5 5 - - - - - - ...


  • Cant Come Back

    A funny thing happened to me just the other day A girl came my way She called your name, she said some things I thought it was just some hear-say But then she showed me a picture or two Of her with some dude In positions tha...


  • I Say What I Want

    Is it just another dream ? Is it just another dream ? I say what I want I say what I feel I do anything I`m gonna make it real In our love, in another dream Dream, back of course Now I saw you`ve hurt Looking I wanna dre...


  • Anti Love Song

    Well I saw the preacher But I won`t be there on Sunday Everyone came again Everyone loved her No one got used to this These motherfuckers raped me Everyone came again Everone fucked you It`s not over but it`s over now I heard the news today These stu...


  • All We Are Is Gone

    Come on inside
    The tide is high
    Don’t be afraid
    So my parade of life
    Is walking by
    Inside the lines
    And bringing back
    Just what you lost
    (Bring me down...finally found)

    Can you feel th...

Snoop Dogg f Charlie Wilson, Justin Timb

  • Signs

    [Chorus - Justin Timberlake] (Uncle Charlie Wilson) I`m not sure what I see Cupid don`t fuck wit me! Are you telling me this is a sign? She`s looking in my eyes, now I see no other guys Are you telling me this is a sign? (OHHH!!!) [Snoop Dogg] Don`t t...


  • Chosen

    [Lyrics/Forte - Music/Forte] [Verse 1] I`m lost in nowhere, I cannot see What`s inside of me Some changes appear I can feel, I`m coming alive [Bridge] My eyes are wide, Opened to this brand new world, I`m not supposed to b...


  • Boiled In Blood

    Extracted for centuries Viles of blood They have seized For their purpose A malicious crime Plotted since the Dawn of time Why the reason for my pain It`s not my fault Must have been made to go insane Living in this Hell I don`t know why I don`t give u...

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