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  • 3d

    [Intro Layer]
    3 trendsetters
    3 aspirations
    3 desires
    3 signs
    3 girls
    3 personalities
    3 styles
    3 imaginations
    3 styles
    3 aspirations
    3 girls
    3 trendsetters
    3 desires

Cappadonna f Method Man

  • Milk the Cow

    [Cappadonna] Let us milk this cow, the best way we know how Park Hill projects, chicka-POW One culture, return of the track slasher Double doser, Cappadonna broadcaster Strivin for perfection, the only way I got my life back was through investin, devot...


  • Aborto

    Ya pasaron 6 meses y no sabes cuantas ganas tengo de verte
    Durante tu soledad te escuche llorar, te escuche rier
    no te imaginas cuantas ganas tengo de vivir
    Soy tu fuerza cuando te sientas cansada, tu compaсia cuando te

Les Mckeown

  • It`s A Game

    Easy when your heart knows love will come and go like shadows and moonlight. Maybe girl you don`t know angels smile and so - let`s take the chance. Darling oh hear the ocean beating in my heart in my heart tonight.


  • After The Rain

    Oh La la la la la Yeah ,yeah ,yeah La la la la La la la la La la la La la Tried to go on my way without you, oh Why did you go (Why did you go) Everyday I`m lost without you, oh I just dont know (I just dont know) We were laugh...

Nas, Bravehearts, Millenium Thug

  • Kids in Da P.J.`s

    * send corrections to this typist [chorus] To the kids in the p.j.`s ghetto children i know it ain`t easy ya`ll wanting millions sunshine turns to rain its ghetto pain when a one time raise sometimes the young is slain To the kids in the p.j.`s bl...

Paul Carrack

  • Always Have Always Will

    If youre wondering if your love Will stand the test of time Im here to tell you I can put your mind at ease Aint nothing in the whole wide world that could ever make me leave How could I ever walk away Darlin I need your lo...

Spice 1

  • 1-800 (Str8 from the Pen)

    The number you have reached 4x [ VERSE 1 ] We used to piss on the floors in the bathroom In Elementary I never thought you`d end up in the penitentiary Readin these letters you`ve sendin me Sippin hennesey watchin my back for enemies They wanna see ...

Tha Eastsidaz

  • Another Day

    [Feat. Butch Cassidy] ( Goldie Loc ) Damn cause this spot`s gettin hot I can`t trust the paremedics or them crooked ass cops The closest nigga to you would do you and try to screw you Backstab you in the back and act like he neve...

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