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Acda En De Munnik

  • Bang Dat Dit Het Is

    De deur slaat harder dan ik dacht
    Het is kouder dan ik had verwacht
    Maar ik moest en zou in een nieuwe jas
    Omdat ik er gister ook al was

    Nog voor de hoek m`n telefoon
    Haar boodschap na de volgende toon

DJ Kay Slay f Amerie, Baby, Foxy Brown,

  • Too Much for Me

    [Intro: Nas] Check {*scratched*} check it out Kay-Slay! (yeah) What up, baby Uh, (check it out) Ame` Haha, Bravehearts, c`mon [Chorus: Amerie] Said it ain`t too much for me To have you next to me I can`t believe it All the things I do To keep you lovi...

MC Eiht, King Tee, Dre`sta

  • 10th Anniversary Tribute (N.W.A

    [MC Eiht] Geah C`mon Geah Straight outta Compton, crazy muthafucka named Eiht, fool (geah) From the gang called C-M-W When I`m called off, I got a sawed off (boom boom!) Squeeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off You too boy, if you fuck with me O...


  • Charlie`s Angels

    Eddie Bones presents... the adventures of Charlie Bawles You heard about Charlie`s angles? They keep broads hooked on the cock like Prince Alberts (Charlie Bawles) Well it`s Chuck, The first man that your girl couldn`t deep throat So I fucked her mou...


  • (I`m Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love

    (see corrected lyrics in parentheses below) I have something to tell you And I know it won`t be easy I`ve been thinking these past few days It might be time to leave You`re like a stranger Then you`re a lover Never the same...

Disturbing Tha Peace f Keon Bryce, Scarf

  • Golden Grain

    [Intro] Do it again . . Do it a . . Let`s do it again . . Do it a . . [Verse: Fate Wilson] (let`s do it again) Okay, I remember the days (let`s do it again) High rights, low lefts, even stevens and fades (do it a) Troops, Lottos, and BK`s, those was t...

Lil Pmoney

  • When You Find Me

    (lil pmoney) When you find me in tha hood I be chillin When you find me in tha hood I be killin When you find me in tha hood I throw bows When you find me in tha hood I break a niggas When you find me in tha hood I`m rollin 24`s ...

Monifah f Murphy Lee (St. Lunatics)

  • I Can Tell (Remix)

    Sex, money, cars Remix [Monifah] I know how you like to be in charge I love how you flossin` me in your car I know how you like to ride With your lady by your side, babe Love you in your corn rolls and your Timbs And the way your ice shine off those r...

carrack paul

  • Don`t Shed A Tear

    Cab fare to nowhere is what you are A white line to an exit sign is what you are Oh but I saw in you, now I see through Don`t shed a tear for me, my life won`t end without you Long as the night will be, the sun will rise without y...

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