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Doja Clik

  • 6 Million Ways To Bubble

    Shits all fucked up
    This shit gets deep
    6 feet deep
    Life is straight strugglin` this shit strifin`
    Just try to make a meal ticket
    I never fucked off anyones paper
    Stayed away from captain save

Snoop Dogg, MC Ren, RBX

  • Bones Soundtrack

    [* Thunder *] [RBX] Ha, ha, ha, ha Just then, I received a phone call, it was Morpheus And he said i was the one, ha realizing the deal Heaven done Turnin` to the east and all praise the sun Now they blast me but they all miss I do my 3D dance and rem...

Crucial Conflict f Do or Die

  • Airplane

    [hook: repeat 2X] Keep on taking me high, so high If they say we fly, we fly (Who dat?) Flict` and Do or Die (Who dat?) Coming from the Chi Bring in the bidness, shut em` down cause their raw Making you feel this, two of the realest crews Laying the r...

Sweet Tee

  • As The Beat Goes On

    [ VERSE 1 ] As the beat goes on, I do damage Sit on your couch, grab a soda, a sandwich Entertaining is what I get paid for Sweet Tee is rockin hardcore That`s my life, word, it`s essential Easy to get, whether if you know the fundamentals The music co...


  • А я все летала

    Так напрасно думала я
    Что получу я все, что хочу
    День и ночь в своих мечтах
    Летала я в облаках
    Мы с тобой по звездам идем
    Наша любовь и мы только вдвоем
    Ты несешь меня на руках
    И я уже в облаках

Дискотека Авария

  • Disco Superstar

    Что это за ди-джей? Что это за клоун?
    Нам таких не надо disco superstar!
    Что это за МС? Что за толстый олух?
    Гнать его со сцены! Disco superstar!

    На танцполе уже утро и в зале стало пусто,
    Тебе немного г...

Fritz Brause

  • Shilly Shally (Let`s Dance Tonight)

    I`m so shilly shally
    `bout you tonight.
    Watching everything on telly where you were tonight.
    I`m so shilly shally
    `bout you tonight.
    Is it me or is it Sally you love
    love tonight


  • (Some Lines About) A Love Song

    Love songs, I used to hate that shit But I find out, just bit by bit They`re stupid, silly, but they`re true So many cliches I never knew Most love songs, they really suck Boring stories filled with bad luck But damn man, every wo...

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