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Big Tymers f Jazze Pha

  • Get High

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, ohhhhh Nah just kidding, ha....ha...ha Ay! ay ay ay! Welcome to the side of the world where we just do What the fuck we want to And smoke how we wanna smoke And fly Up above the sky Fly with me as I go around the world Boys and girls,...

carter family

  • I Can`t Feel At Home In This World Anymo

    This world is not my home, I`m just a-passing through My treasures and my hopes are all beyond the blue; Where many Christian children have gone on before, And I can`t feel at home in this world anymore.

D-Nice f KRS-One

  • Call Me D-Nice

    Intro: KRS-One Bo bo bo! How many times I gotta tell you man? D-Nice, number one lyracist out here in the world today.

Mag 7

  • Sumthin` Terrible

    (Nique and Jus) What the deal this Lil`Nique the microphone master Yea this is DJ Jus the king from queens na mean you feel me We bout to hit you with some hottest sumthin terrible ayo red c`mon Verse 1(shortee red) Playin skelly`s red scully, bread ...


  • 1980-1990

    forever gets you down time stands still time runs out i`m not afraid of the millenium i will not be here when you come to earth forever gets you down time stands still time runs out i`m not afraid of the millenium i`ll be home sleeping when the earth e...

Da Brat f Mystikal

  • Hands in the Air

    (Da Brat) Niggas always watchin me (funky!) But I want em to keep on watchin me I`ma keep give em sumthin to see (smokin!) I always feel like Somebody`s watchin me, watchin me Could it be the way I`m still tight? Niggas that didn`t use to feel me jock...

Lil Unique Spitting Butterflies

  • My Life With The Butterflies

    When I look out side, what do I see? I see a colorful butterfly flutter right by me. I get out my net, I catch it after a while, and I bring it inside, and called it Giles.

Master P f Big Ed, Lil` Ric

  • The Ghetto`s Trying to Kill Me

    Verse 1 (Master P) Four niggas in the Chev and we all strapped Put one up in the chamber case we had to bust caps Let me let you know bitch who you fucking with Master P killa murder motherfucking lunatic With the giggety giggety nine Put the glock to...

Sincere f Timbaland

  • Exit Wounds Soundtrack

    * send corrections to the typist Buddy you cant be serious man... (Timbaland) All my ladies put up your vaseline This a party not a contest or a fight scene Come here baby wont you lick up on this ice cream Come here baby wont you get with this A tea...

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