Mystik Journeymen f Aceyalone

  • Reflections

    (Aceyalone): Reflections Think about the present and the past times Reflect on your life and the bad times Think about the crazy and the strange shit Then dig within inside and try to change shit Reflections Reflect your mind Reflect through time (PSC...

Notorious B.I.G. f K-Ci and JoJo, Nas

  • Born Again

    * this is actually a remix of Everyday Struggle [Notorious B.I.G.] Wooo! There`s gonna be a lot of punchin in this motherfucker Y`all better be swift with that punch button Jack Biggie.. Biggie..

Reality Check

  • Apart From You

    in the rearview mirror I now see that I can`t run away from your love for me is there any other way apart from you no matter what I do I can`t escape the truth is there any other way apart from you your strength can get me t...

Notorious B.I.G. f Eminem

  • Born Again

    * the original version on promo 12 does not feature Eminem [Puff] Bad Boy baby [Big] Yeah.. yeah.. Junior M.A.F.I.A., yeah.. [Puff] Yeah.. B.I.G. 2000 B.I.G. 2000 Born Again.. c`mon.. Chorus: Notorious B.I.G.

  • 30


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Common Ground

  • React

    J is for the way I jam I jam on it I`m the nucleus For doing this the way you want it If you`re into it Get involved Motivate Move your body Throw your hands Pump your fists Animate Do-do it! Get involved Motivate Move your body Throw your hands Pump y...


  • 40 & A Blunt

    Intro: Ha ha yeah, huh, uhh Uhh yeah, huh, ha ha ha Skunk hash in the house Uhh uhh, skunk hash representin Sess sess on the sack, uhh uhh Verse 1: Well biggity bang boom bamma, your robby, bustin my grandmother like cherries Niggas wanna follow but...

Memphis Bleek

  • 1-2-3

    [repeat 3X] To stick a nigga with -- ryde or die It`s just as easy as -- one two three Geah, to stick a nigga with -- ryde or die [Memphis Bleek] Aiyyo, aiyyo..

Nelly f St. Lunatics

  • American Dream

    [Hook x2: Nelly] Yo it be I man, fuckin it up for errbody I can`t lie man, they thought I was just gettin started Peep the pie man, its the american dream I`m just participatin, my participation is game [Nelly] I`m makin this one for the hotel, motel,...

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