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Coo Coo Cal f Kurupt, Trick Daddy

  • Disturbed

    * send corrections to the typist Projects Worldwide Remix [Coo Coo Cal] In my projects: 5x [Verse 1: Coo Coo Cal] Dawg my projects is sweet Got strappin` up by the cut Patrollin` the damn block like we walkin` the B Talkin` to freaks on the spot-dow...

Marlene Kuntz

  • Canzone Di Oggi

    Avrei volutoscriverti di me per arrivare dritto a te con trilli di parole smascherate e impavide. Avrei voluto scrivere a te per riportarti qui da me e lusingarti e farti gala con occhiate trepide.


  • ** BOOTLEG **

    * This song was alleged to be on Melvin Flynt but is not on the final release version; possibly from a bootleg.

Snoop Dogg f Tha Dogg Pound (Daz Dilling

  • Dead Man Walkin

    * send corrections to the typist [Kurupt] Now this side gangsta walk (say what?) And this is how gangsta`s talk (like that?) [Breakdown: Kurupt] Tell `em how we do, tell `em what we do This is what we do nigga - gangsta`s talk! Tell `em one more time...

The Lox

  • All For The Love

    [Jadakiss] What`s the deally yo? I gotta squeeze the juice outta the headphones (Jadakiss...) Yeah (I like that) Squeeze the juice outta the headphones Yo, yo yo [Verse 1] When you think of me you think of a problem Who? What? When? and how you...

Bar 7

  • Got A New Life

    for a love i bought a diamond rings for a love i gave my everything for a love travelled across the land through the hale and the snow and the driving rain for a love what did i get wanna love i wish i could forget oh no now what its doing to me no m...

Compton`s Most Wanted f Scarface

  • Music to Drive-By

    geah...wutup niggas the compton cyco is back In your shit for the nine-deuce And check this out My nigga Scarface is in the motherfuckin house And we bout to drop some gangsta shit MC Eiht: I guess its true what they say, when your too far gone aint...

David Banner

  • Bush

    [David Banner] Mama ain`t got no cash, daddy aint got no doe So daddy went to my mama and started pimpin that hoe Man it`s hard times, niggas ain`t got shit Nothin but billy clubs to they head and they ass kicked Heroin in they ve...


  • Bastuvisan

    Aamund och Kettil,
    tvenne prasterman skulle bada bastu
    Da hordes muller och brak,
    helvetiskt knak fran deras farstu.
    In kom trollen med javla fart,
    skogens oknytt I all sin prakt,
    Aamund fick oron avskurna,

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