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Snoop Dogg f Tha Dogg Pound (Daz Dilling

  • Dead Man Walkin

    * send corrections to the typist [Kurupt] Now this side gangsta walk (say what?) And this is how gangsta`s talk (like that?) [Breakdown: Kurupt] Tell `em how we do, tell `em what we do This is what we do nigga - gangsta`s talk! Tell `em one more time...

The Lox

  • All For The Love

    [Jadakiss] What`s the deally yo? I gotta squeeze the juice outta the headphones (Jadakiss...) Yeah (I like that) Squeeze the juice outta the headphones Yo, yo yo [Verse 1] When you think of me you think of a problem Who? What? When? and how you...

Bar 7

  • Got A New Life

    for a love i bought a diamond rings for a love i gave my everything for a love travelled across the land through the hale and the snow and the driving rain for a love what did i get wanna love i wish i could forget oh no now what its doing to me no m...

Compton`s Most Wanted f Scarface

  • Music to Drive-By

    geah...wutup niggas the compton cyco is back In your shit for the nine-deuce And check this out My nigga Scarface is in the motherfuckin house And we bout to drop some gangsta shit MC Eiht: I guess its true what they say, when your too far gone aint...

David Banner

  • Bush

    [David Banner] Mama ain`t got no cash, daddy aint got no doe So daddy went to my mama and started pimpin that hoe Man it`s hard times, niggas ain`t got shit Nothin but billy clubs to they head and they ass kicked Heroin in they ve...


  • Bastuvisan

    Aamund och Kettil,
    tvenne prasterman skulle bada bastu
    Da hordes muller och brak,
    helvetiskt knak fran deras farstu.
    In kom trollen med javla fart,
    skogens oknytt I all sin prakt,
    Aamund fick oron avskurna,

Nas f Nashawn, Millennium Thug

  • Last Words

    [Nas] These are last words of a hanging slave How could I forget this I rob you put you on my hit list Under my nails are dirty look at the grime My burnt lips from the roach clips How can I shine Being broker than a dope bitch Powerful mind we brave m...

Shife Niggaz f Twista

  • The Gang Way

    (Twista) Twista in the house all ya`ll weak niggas put the steel down comin from Chi town to kill town down with the Shife Niggaz you now how we gonna do it ready rockin big baby you mothafuckas try to step on our tip and serve y`all must be crazy we g...

The Jungle Brothers

  • Because I Got it Like That

    Intro: A: Because I got it like that, uh huh Because I got it like that, wooh, uh huh Because I got it like that G: Like how? A: Like that Verse 1: Afrika, Mike G Dancin` on the dance floor Girl, it`s you that I adore Step on stage, you scream...

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