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  • comfort me

    Song: Comfort Me Artist: Pacifier Author: Pacifier Album: Pacifier Tabbed by raj Ф = harmonic Intro / Outro (Gtr I): Ф Ф Ф Ф Ф Ф Ф Ф Ф |------7-7-7----|-----7-7-7-7-7-7-| |------7-7-7----|-----7-7-7-7-7-7-| |---------------|--------...

Tear Da Club Up Thugs f Big Tymers, Hot

  • CrazyNDaLazDayz

    {Juvenile} How you love this playboy? This one here bezzled out. With the Hot Boys and the Tear da Club up Thugs. {Manny Fresh} Nigga like thiiiiiis. {Baby} Ridin on twenties. Memphis and New Orleans we gonna show you how we do this.

Von: Evita

  • Another Suitcase In Another Hall

    I don`t expect my love affairs to last for long, never fool myself that my dreams will come true. Being used to trouble I anticipate it... But all the same- I hate it.

Heaven 17

  • (we Don`t Need This) Fascist Groove Than

    (Everybody move to prove the groove) Have you heard it on the news About this fascist groove thang Evil men with racist views Spreading all across the land Don`t just sit there on your ass Unlock that funky chaindance Brothers, si...

paddy casey

  • everybody wants

    Everybody Wants Paddy Casey D= 000232 D/B= 020032 D/F= 200230 Em7= 020030 Em7/G= 020033 Capo 3rd fret Intro D D/B D/F Em7 Em7/G D D/B And I said I want you, to want me. D/F Em7 Well I want you, to need me.

RZABobby Digital f Force MD`s, Ms. Roxy

  • My Lovin` is Digi

    [RZA] Protect your girl from Bobby Digital [Force MD`s] Sometimes! I find! Someone, fuckin with my pussy My money and my ride Tuck my nine inside my hoody (repeat 3X) Sometimes! I find! Chorus: Ms.

fering a

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