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  • A La Mierda

    Orgullo nacional,patriota virtual hйroe militar, Xenofobia, muсeco demencial, parбlisis mental eskoria cerebral A LA MIERDA, REACCIONARIOS ME LA SUDA TODO LO QUE PUEDAS LADRAR SIEMPRE AMЙ LA LIBERTAD...

center line

  • mindy

    My band and i have this song dedicated to my girlfriend. played somewhat slower. verse E|------------------------------------ B|------------------------------------ G|----5------------------------------- D|--5---5-----5---------7--------3----- ...

M.M.O. (Money Makin Outlaws)

  • Freeze

    Intro: Mermaid [MMO], Serf [Protect Ya Neck baby] Pearl baby [unknown] Chorus: Big Sha Freeze, freeze before you get fucked Scream you get bucked I seen skin bleed, don`t play Hercules, you stuck You wan`t war? With the Outlaws? That`s hard luck We le...

nerve agents

  • carpe diem

    Artist: The Nerve Agents Song: Carpe Diem Album: S/t Tabbed by: Roboito E-mail: Main Riff: G:-------------------------------------------------------------- D:-------------------------------------------------------------- A:-------2-...


  • ?Donde Estan Los Ladrones?

    Los han visto por ahi
    Los han visto en los tejados
    Dando vueltas en Paris
    Condenando en los juzgados

    Con la nariz empolvada
    De corbata o de blue jeans
    Los han visto en las portadas todas
    Sin mas n...

Big Pokey f Mr. 3-2

  • Good With the Bad

    (*talking*) Yeah, get it how we live, don`t stop Don`t stop, let em know, ha [Hook - 2x] Take the good with the bad, the bitter with the sweet The up`s with the downs, on ass we on feet We mash on concrete, everyday is the same Get it how we live thin...

Mario Winans f Black Rob

  • This is the Thanks I Get

    [Intro - Mario Winans] Yo! (yeah) Yeah! (yo yo yo, c`mon) Yeah, this is `Rio! Yeah! `Rio Winans! Yeah! mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm You hurt me so bad Mmm hmmm, baby, yeah! [Verse - Mario Winans] I always trusted you (bet that all) It didn`t mean that...

nervous disposition

  • blanket

    INTRO: e 0 0 b 3 3 3 3 g 0 0 0 0 d 4 4 a D VERSE: CHORUS: e | b | g | d 4 ...


  • Arlington Girl

    She does raindances when she`s feeling dry North train track woman got her arms in the sky And she`s moving to Arlington as soon as she can She got blood in her eye stones in her sky and she walks like a man Arlington girl Arlingt...

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