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Chamillionaire f David Banner

  • Talking That Talk

    Ay!, Houston, Texas (Houston, Texas) Chamillionaire, The Mixtape Messiah Haha, I feel like niggaz need to show some respect off in here mayne Tell `em the name (tell `em the name) - Chamillitary mayne [Chorus: Chamillionaire] I hear ya talkin` that t...

Jarvis Church

  • Run For Your Life

    Hey what`s that in the alley with a knife in her hand I think it`s that girl from the autograph stand She looks kind of sad, does she understand That we`re only doin` our job Tryin` to make her happy when we play these songs But ...

Missy Elliot f Ciara, Fatman Scoop

  • Lose Control

    Music make you lose control Music make you lose control [Fatman Scoop] Let`s Go! Ciara`s in the house! Misdemeanor`s in the house! Fatman Scoop! [Missy] I got a cute face, chubby waist Thick legs, in shape Rump shakin, both ways Make you do a double ...

Tear Da Club Up Thugs f Crucial Conflict

  • Throw Your Sets Up

    {DJ Paul [All]}(x2) if you niggas ain`t scared throw your set [throw em up] (2x) if you niggas [throw em up](2x) if you niggas ain`t scared throw your set [throw em up] {Lord Infamous} Lord Infamous hella rough, we tearin every city up just rockin ro...

Jas. Mathus And His Knock Down Society

  • I Got Mine

    I went down to a little crap game, that was against my will Lost every penny that I had in my pocket but a greenback dollar bill The man threw the dice right on the floor and the things they cut like knives Just then I jumped out ...

Del the Funky Homosapien f Casual

  • Jaw Gymnastics

    [Del The Funky Homosapien] Check it out Uhhh Del`s back, go get ya life preserver Aquaman with the flow you might get murdered You get caught in the slipstream When I was fifteen I was ripping You were shoplifting My accent on rap is smashin` Emcees be...

Jasmin Lindner

  • Smilys

    Nanana nanana Where ever you go I m going with you I love you so much I need you come back to me Und kommst du nun zurückverpaß ich dir nen tritt nach diesem Tun ist dein Arsch blatt wie ein geficktes Huhn Dann kannst d...

Sir Mix-a-Lot f E-Dog

  • You Can`t Slip

    Verse 1: Sir Mix-a-Lot You can`t slip, `cause the pimpin` game is not about the sex You gots to be a businessman to keep them thangs in check I used to run some call girls and pimp `em just for fun But you should see how the gangsters can make us pimp...

Tray Bag f Hell Razah, 7th Ambassador an

  • If You Can Swing It (Then Bring It)

    Intro: Hell Razah (Tray Bag) Man, stop frontin, fakin It`s time to stop frontin, man Niggas be actin like they got millions (If you can swing it, then bring it) YouKnowI`msayin? You got children to be feedin Seeds, nigga (If you can swing it, then bri...

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