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  • Отымела

    Я хочу пересечь границу Чтоб остаться в твоих пределах И случайно не возвратиться В государство тоски и мела В голове моей много ила И в словах так мало дела Может помнишь, ты говорила Что весь мир ты иметь хотела Я беру то, что мне не надо Отдаю то, ...

Built To Spill

  • Big Dipper

    Once When I was little someone pointed out to me Some constellations but the big dipper`s all I could see That brontasaurus must have stood a thousand miles high That brontasaurus laying on its side up in the sky Bottoms up and th...

Diana King

  • Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

    Give me time To realize my crime Let me love and steal I have danced inside your eyes How can I be real Do you really want to hurt me Do you really want to make me cry Precious kisses Words that burn me Lovers never ask...

Ever dark

  • Chanting

    The disappointed
    All shuffle round in circles
    Their placards look the same
    With a picture and a name
    Of the ones who broke their hearts
    The disappointed
    All congregate at my house
    Their voices sob with g...

Guns N` roses

  • 14 Years

    I try and feel the sunshine, you bring the rain
    You try and hold me down with your complaints
    You cry and moan and complain, you whine an tear
    Up to my neck in sorrow, the touch you bring
    You just don`t step inside to, to...

Buckshot and Rock (Heltah Skeltah)

  • Duck Down Presents

    [Intro: Rock] Pardon us for the inconvenience Due to some unfortunate circumstances My black ass couldn`t make to the first album You see, the punk ass police had my ass locked down, while it was goin down Operation Lockdown is goin from the bottom to ...

Shades Of Culture

  • Do the Math

    [Chorus] Dark Shade (echoed throughout chorus) Do the math and calculate the odds And you will see that these destined to be large Do the math and calcualte the odds And you will see that these destined to be large [Verse 1: D-Shade] So ? the mission,...

De La Soul f A Tribe Called Quest

  • Clear Lake Auditorium

    We are here to tell the world just who we are Shocking female (MC`s), shocking female (MC`s) (Repeat 2x) Verse 1: Phife No need for, introductions, cause I know you know my name and Knocking MC`s out the frame and, putting them suckers to shame and ...

Masters of Illusion

  • Back Up Kid

    The electricity shall now be passed through your body until you are dead {*sounds of an electric chair*} [Chorus: Kool Keith] Back up kid, 40 billion hundred power watts Back up kid, 40 billion hundred power Back up kid, 40 billion hundred power watts...

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