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Donell Jones

  • Believe In Me

    If you let me
    in your heart i will neva let u go oh no
    u gotta believe in me
    cause the love is strong that i have
    If you let me
    in your heart i will neva let u go oh no
    you gotta believe in ...

Massive Toene f Blahzay Blahzay

  • Rap Game (United Nations)

    [Schowi] Wir haengen an Hip Hop wie an Kletten (und rap) Als wenn wir nichts anderes getan hдtten (und rap) Man kann uns nicht stoppen Man kann uns nicht anketten Also jetten wir komplett ueber`s Wasser Um mitten in Manhatten Bekannte zu `ner sassion z...

Noreaga f Pharrell of Neptunes

  • Melvin Flynt Da Hustler

    [Noreaga & Pharrell] Bounce wit me, bounce, bounce, bounce 2x Yeah Yeah 2x Oh Oh No No 2x WHAT WHAT WHAT 2x [Noreaga] I bust to the scening cuss to the scening I admit a little bit I lust for the crideam Everytime you see me see me biggin up my teami...

Saves The Day

  • 1:19

    It was almost night time so we stayed inside, and closed our eyes. I whispered a thought that I had. We slept while holding hands couldn`t sleep the cold. You said, Just being near you for awhile is enough.


  • 1 Of The 2

    "1 Of The 2" is recorded by The Damned. This is a punk cover only. Oh yeah you`re all cracked up fury Won`t get the jury to defend you You tried but you couldn`t cry When they see you You want me to hang around With you...

Александр Деревягин

  • Акварель

    Стихи Леонида Губанова

    Музыка Александра Деревягина

    Надену я желтую шляпу,

    По чёрным пройду коридорам,

    Где белые официантки

    В красивейших спят босоножках.

Craig Mack

  • Flava In Ya Ear

    Yo Mack I don`t even UNDERSTAND how they didn`t understand you in
    that Mary joint!
    Yeah I know man.
    Kick that ol` robotic futuristic George Jetson CRAZY JOINT!!

Dr. Dre f Tha Dogg Pound, Lady of Rage

  • Fuck Wit Dre Day 12 *

    * also appears on Phat Blunts: Rap Unda Tha Influence [Dr. Dre] Yea, yea, yeah, yo, yo let`s do this shit Ha ha, I thought I thaw a puddy tat Youse a punk-ass nigga Yo, yea, yo, Death Row`s in the motherfuckin houuse Wreckin shit you know what I`m say...

Nore f Big Pun, Capone, Jadakiss, Maze,

  • Oh No (Remix)

    [Noreaga] Neptunes, N.O.R.E, Angie Martinez Jadakiss, Big Pun, Capone Mussolini and Maze Thugged Out Entertainment Rush to the stores `Pone, let `em know...

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