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Timbaland and Magoo f Petey Pablo

  • Baby Bubba

    (Pop a Dom boo, what, c`mon) [Petey Pablo] It`s the dippy dippy don now you heard that Let`s take you back, where the original Tim the bird at? I got shit here to make you down on twelve-pack Call Rudy, tell him hook us up a twenty sack C`mon c`mon c`...

Erick Sermon f Kam and Ice Cube

  • No Pressure

    [Chorus, Ice Cube] With tha boom and ping! Listen to the ill shit that I bring bring! (repeats 4 times) [Erick Sermon] What`s the 411? Erick Sermon, Ice Cube, and Kam are here to get the job done So back the fuck up! I have an attitude, dude, I`m `bo...

jalava johannes

  • sampo on fagis

    My name is Johannes Jalava and this is my song: E--------------------------1-2------------------------------------ H-----------------------2-4-------------2--------------2-4-5-7---------- G------------------1-3-4----------1-1---2---------12-----------...

Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz f Pastor

  • Throw it Up

    [Chorus] (4x)Throw it up Mother fucker throw it up (4x) If you scared to throw it up get the fuck out the club [Lil Jon] (Eastside Boyz) (2x) Back up bitch get the fuck out my way (Aye move the fuck back bitch, Move the fuck back) (2x) What you loo...


  • a bomb in wardour street

    from: Christian Korbanka, Cologne, Germany e-mail: Christian_Korbanka@msn.com lyrics and chords of: ґAґ-Bomb In Wardour Street by The Jam Suggestions and corrections are always welcome! date: 95/10/15 A E A A E A A E ...

Lil` Jon and The East Side Boyz f Pastor

  • Throw It Up (Remix)

    [Lil` Jon] Let`s go, let`s go Yeahhhh! (yo, yo) Lil` Jon and the motherfuckin` East Side Boyz (Ayo), ok, (ayo), Pastor Troy (come on) Yeah! (D-S-G-B, come on), we represent for everybody, everybody All the real niggaz in America (come on) Where you at ...

R. Kelly f Keith Murray

  • Home Alone

    [Keith] It`s gonna be a party y`all Keith Murray rock vibes, verse you with Universal Where no one come, combine with R.

Pete Rock f Kool G Rap, Large Professor

  • Soul Survivor

    This I dedicate to the girl I rate As a ten then again she was probably an eight Her ass was kinda phat so she moved me yo When I scoped out her mental was straight said let`s roll Stared this shorty everynight and everyday On the rebound around left r...

Prince Paul f Kid Creole, Sadat X, Xzibi

  • A Prince Among Thieves

    [Convict 2/Sadat X] Oh my goodness! Look what they sendin through nowadays Ah, it`s a light-weight And he got a smirk on his face like it`s all of that Yeah, well we gone see what it is [Convict 1/Xzibit] What you in for, everything under the sun Rece...

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