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West Coast Bad Boyz

  • Pop Lockin` II

    [Master P] West Coast, Bad Boyz! [Intro] Pop lockin in my Rolls Royce, Cadillac Lincoln and Mercedes Benz Pop lockin at the Howard Johnson, Sheraton Pop lockin at the Holiday Inn [Daz Dillinger] Yeah, Tha Dogg Pound is back agai...


  • A Shadow Shoreline

    Wade out into the water and sink in the voices in the shadows tell the end the faces in the darkness drink you deeper and back inside this womb you will begin, take all this pain let this sink in brace yourself for this truth this sin, we wash away, wa...

Raekwon the Chef w Ghostface Killer, U-G

  • Knuckleheadz

    Intro: [Raekwon] One for you, one for me Two for you, one-two for me Three for you... [Ghostface] What? I`ll smack fuck out ya Smack fire out your fuckin ass, what the fuck you think this is man? Get the fuck up outta here man [Raekwon] So yo matter ...

West Shelly

  • Jose Cuervo

    Well it`s Sunday Mornin` And the sun in shinin` In my eye that is open And my head is spinnin` Was the life of the party I can`t stop grinnin` I had to much Tequila last night CHORUS Jose Cuervo you are a friend of mine I like to ...

Александр Мирзаян

  • А.А.

    На знакомых улицах дожди -
    Даже не заметил как пришли, -
    Слушают ночами напролет
    На земле оконченный полет.

    Кажутся знакомыми слова -
    Может быть, встречались иногда,
    А навстречу синее пальто.

Poor Righteous Teachers f Nine

  • Gods, Earths and 85ers

    [Wise Intelligent] Yeah Know what I`m saying? Wise Intelligent Broadcasting live from the top of Mt.

RZA f Masta Killa, Tash Mahagony

  • Koto Chotan

    Koto... Chotan... [RZA] Yo, yo, Ruler Zig-Zag-Zag Allah, I`m not reneggin` I don`t fuck with dead pigeons or the pigskin You fuckin` fake 85% snake Derelict ass bitch, your class in dead weight Ain`t no fire escape from hell, every devil ain`t p...

West Texas Rednecks

  • I Hate Rap(achtung Country)

    I love country musicI love country girls I love this Style I here it till it hurts. But theres one thing that I hate that is a punch of crap IIIIIIII hate Rap.

The Union f Twista, Ms. Toi

  • Chitown`s Finest

    [Twista] Yo check it out It`s the Twista in the house Representin K-Town, Westside of Chi No lie You know how we do it, Mobstability style Adrenaline rushin, suckers facin the repercussion I`ma set it off like this though, check it out You just a bitc...

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