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Kanye West f Common

  • Better Than Yours

    (Hook) My raps is better than yours My plaques is better than yours My tracks is better than yours You can have one but I have to charge We can start with the hits on my arm I already got the bomb Now all I need is my first LP to go gold Then I will h...


  • Breathless

    We passed through like a nightmare falling down,
    Without touching the ground.

    This ghost and vacant eye decieve thee,
    They`ve come to take me
    Without out words or silence.

Jagged Edge f Big Duke, Street Katz

  • They Ain`t JE (Remix)

    [Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, 5.8.1 She said he kinda weak see He ain`t provinding He ain`t like ya`ll niggas Nah, he don`t be riding He ain`t me, he ain`t JE 1 - Might be hard to see it, the way that he disguise it But he ain`t no foo...

Lyrical 187

  • Never Change

    (*talking*) Ha, Lyrical 1-8-7 the Terror Presidential affiliation, G.I.N. what it do ha [Hook - 2x] I ain`t never gon change my ways I`m still gon put it down in the streets, getting paid I`m still gon work the block, and make it bleed all day I`m sti...

Radio Futura

  • Escuela De Calor

    Arde la calle al sol de poniente hay
    tribus ocultas cerca del rio
    esperando que caiga la noche

    hace falta valor, hace falta valor
    ven a la escuela del calor

    se lo que tengo que hacer para conseguir

J. Rawls

  • They Can`t See Me

    Medic! Medic! A, yo, that`s what they yelling! Their hearts done stopped pumping, son, and ain`t no telling What that kid gone do now, is that him writing texts? What the?! I didn`t know that son was ambidextrous With the beats and the rhymes Plus he s...


  • God Is Good

    God, you made the world
    All Plants and Flowers
    Where able to ordain
    All Pain
    And joy, so ample where your powers
    God, if Im down
    Your frown
    Tells me to rise
    Compared to yours my mig...

OutKast f Raekwon the Chef

  • Aquemini

    Intro/Chorus: OutKast Old school players to new school fools `Kast keep it jumpin like kangaroos but skew it on the bar-b we ain`t tryin to lose Say `I be got damnit they done changed the rules` (repeat 2X) Verse One: Andre Benjamin The common denom...

Vince Vance And The Valiants

  • All I Want For Christmas Is You

    Take back the holly and mistletoe Silver bells on string If I wrote a letter to Santa Claus I would ask for just one thing I don`t need sleigh rides in the snow Don`t want a Christmas that`s blue Take back the tinsel, stockings, a...

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