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nuclear rabbit

  • i sold my copilot

    Nuclear Rabbit I Sold My Co-Pilot More Human tabbed by Daaaaaaavid Well, it makes sense there are no Nuclear Rabbit tabs here..a lot of the songs are really hard to pick out by here ya go.


  • Angel Carver Blues

    When they fall in they fall in from the roof They grab on to me tightly as if I knew the way When I fight for something I fight because I care When I fight with you I fight but I dont care Everybody wants the questions to be...

card michael

  • Abba Father

    Michael Card Until Your Son called out to me I was lost For years my cradle swung above the grave It is a wondrous thing to be adopted by a king To know a love that crowns and crucifies When Your Spirit moves I breath a prayer to ...

Method Man f D`Angelo

  • Break Ups 2 Make Ups

    [Method Man] You and I, `til the day we die.. (day we die..) Yo, yo Ex-girlfriend, how you been? I see you still tryin to fuck with other women men, remember when I first met you in my cousin`s house, a week later we was fuckin on your momma couch, n...


  • A Good Horse

    It takes no match to give me a spark
    Now I`m trying out another heart
    I`ve been winding `bout a fresh start
    I`ve found myself a good horse

    Eyes burning on the quicksand
    And I run it through the hollow land

DJ Clue f Nas

  • Live From the Bridge

    Yo, this is Nas with my Man DJ Clue The Professional part two Puttin` it down for you fake ass DJ`s and shit like that Straight outta Q.B. all the way around the fuckin` world Black Frank Sinatra on yo` ass, Q.B. Braveheart nigga...

Mood f Sunz of Man

  • Illuminated Sunlight

    [Dante] You get mystified, on how history lied and when the troops came around they had to come in disguise Unvail some tales of days when the sun failed and blind with minds thought we all went to Hell Free energy dwells in deep thoughts like wells In...

nue yuthe

  • notes

    ==================================================================================== Title: Notes Author: Josh & Ilan Copyright: 2001 Nue Yuthe Album: Nue Yuthe Demo Category: Punk Rock ...

Master P f U.G.K

  • Break `Em Off Somethin`

    (Master P) Boy, we about to fill they motherfucking head up with this ghetto dope Time to break these hoes off somethin` Got my niggas Bun B., Pimp C, I mean U.G.K Done hooked up with Master P We about to bring this shit across the border Ya heard me...

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