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Men Of Vision

  • Break Me Off

    Come on back baby I want u to give me all your love cause tonight its on U come around me shaking your thing around But u cant keep turning me on like this Baby I just cant turn it down Girl lay your body right here next to mine ...

Men The

  • Church Of Logic Sin And Love

    For the lyrics archive that everybody uses: Song: Chuch of Logic, Sin, & Love Album: The Men Band: The Men Typed by: Miguel de Icaza ( They weren`t surprised by the wind and rain They took off anyway...


  • Absolution In Extremis

    this silence forewarning and darkness opressing I lay my heart on a bed of tears with misery growing so I paint a picture so dark, and so black upon the canvass of a twisted mind my solitude engulfing and I bleed from my heart wit...

The Saddle Club

  • Hello World

    hello world this is me life should be fun for everyone life is easy if you wear a smile just be yourself dont ever change your style you are you i am me we`ll be free hello world this is me life should be mm m yeah fun for every...

The Samples

  • 14th And Euclid

    so I walk through the fields again a splash of water in my eyes but we`ll keep dancing till the end when it gets to hard to realize so the earth goes around and around turning circles in our eyes its only troubled times we`ve foun...

Urgent C

  • Wish You Were Here

    Wish you were here Me oh my countryman wish you were here Wish you were here Don`t you know the stove is gettin` colder And I miss you like hell, And I`m feeling blue I`ve got feelings for you babe.


  • All Out Of Love

    I`m lying alone with my head on the phone Thinkin` of you till it hurts I know you hurt too, but what else can I do Tormented and torn apart I wish I could carry your smile in my heart For times when my life seems so low It ...

Dream Street

  • Dont Leave Me

    My name is rudi oh Thats what my family called me Ever since the day when they just walked away Ever since they left me If I could talk to them just one more time This is what I would tell them (chorus) Dont leave me in t...

Handsome Boy Modeling School f RZA, A.G.

  • A Day in the Life

    [RZA] Aiyo, slipperly slurp slip, nigga, churped off, two sniffs of cocaine This motherfucker broke the glass in my whip Try`nna dip, on this twenty dollar bill I had on my dashboard And police is asking me son, why I whoop his ass for Save y`all two h...

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