Conquistador — текст песни (The Samples)

He sees the moon reflect
Off the shiney steel
And though it`s high above
It looks so real
Ships in the bay give birth
To smaller wooden fish
And when they reach the shore
They look so real
Another season gone
And many more will come
If you accept this now
All will change
They look up to the sky
Thinking of the days
Before their worlds clashed
They looked so real
Time to run and tell the others
Dressed in steel they`re on our island
He asks the elders now
To speak his native tongue
He needs to hear the words
They remember none
Ships in the bay return
Create a whole new race
And though they are not gods
They look so real
Time to run and tell the others
On the other side of our island
Time to run
On the other side

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