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Menken Alan

  • King Of New York

    Mush: A pair of new shoes with matching laces Racetrack: A permanent box at Sheepshead Races Spot Conlon: A porcelain tub with boiling water Kid Blink: A Saturday night with the Mayor`s daughter! Racetrack: Look at me I`m the King...

Hell Razah f 7th Ambassador, Bambue

  • B.B.P. (Business Before Pleasure)

    [Intro: Hell Razah (Bambue) {7th Ambassador}] B.B.P., in the Bronx, B.B.P. (Yo, uh) {what, what} [7th Ambassador] My commitee of six`ll sick in the flip Switch in the nines, and pull out knives Hit the five boroughs at one time We really never l...

Opt To Change

  • Out Of My Head

    There’s a dream I have Once or twice a night You’re in every minute Every second, even more I just can’t shake the notion That you’re something more Chorus: Than a dream, that I think Than a thought, I can’t break Than a notion I can’t erase Cause you...

Walter Egan

  • Challenger

    by Walter Egan It was a Sunday night I will never forget, Driving down the street in my red Camaro, As I pulled in to the seven eleven, The locals eyed a stranger that they did not know.

The Sandpipers

  • Guantanamera

    Guantanamera, my little GuantanameraGuantanamera, my little Guantanamera Yo soy un hombre sinceroDe donde crece la palmaYo soy un hombre sinceroDe donde crece la palmaY antes de morir me quieroEchar mis versos del alma Guantanamer...

The Saw Doctors

  • Bound to the Peace

    sometimes the heart rules the head sometimes the blood rules the brain some things are best left unsaid some things will give under strain i am bound, bound to the peace yes i am bound, bound to the peace sometimes you hear the ba...

Б.Моисеев А.Пугачева

  • Две свечи

    В этот тихий вечер, зажигая свечи, Есть нам, что друг другу сказать: Друг мой, ты все та же, Чуть красивей даже, Лишь печаль таится в глазах.

Эдуард Муллер

  • Гимн добру

    Эдуард Муллер

    Дай, Бог, людям смиренья,

    Их крестом осени с высоты.

    Пусть зло, встав на колени,

    Просит прощения у доброты.

    Дай, Бог, людям любви,

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