They Ain`t JE (Remix) — текст песни (Jagged Edge f Big Duke, Street Katz)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, 5.8.1
She said he kinda weak see
He ain`t provinding
He ain`t like ya`ll niggas
Nah, he don`t be riding
He ain`t me, he ain`t JE

1 - Might be hard to see it, the way that he disguise it
But he ain`t no fool, he ain`t no rider
He might be cool but her ain`t me
He just ain`t me, know what I mean

Might be hard to see the way that he disguise it
But he ain`t that real, he ain`t no rider
He might be cool but he ain`t me
They ain`t JE

[Street Katz]
You`re attention please
Now will the real JE please stand up, put your hands up
Put away these clothes and do rags and bandanas
Drop the hot shit in the club and watch them go bananas
They may be making ballads, got them soakin` in they pampers
Rough around the edges like a thug with good manners
Ain`t no need in you comparing us
We like night and day, he`s wrong for you
I`m the right of way, and I ain`t hatin`
I`m just tryna say

See I got this girl, got this problem with her see
She got a man she be tryna do all she can ya`ll
The problem is he don`t understand her
She let him know

But he won`t let her go and he won`t let her stay
But he don`t have no say
That`ll drive a man insane, now
Happened once to me so I`ll say now
Let her go, let her go, let her go, let her go

Repeat 1

See we from ATL
Decatur`s where we dwell
We represent it well
It might be hard to tell by the singing
Can you ignore the pain I be bringing
If you test me

Got no time for games
I got no time for lames
Believe this down with me
And we gon` act a fool if you test me
Don`t make me have to bring it directly to you

Repeat 1

[Big Duke]
They caught me pretty pimpin`
We drive the Cutless Chevelle, the Cadillac dippin`
About to whip at the club, the wheels keep spinnin`
I`m Westside forever, but Eastside livin`
With these fly niggas, JE`s my niggas
We post it up in the back with magic, with five bitches
We on the sack of that killa`, Cali with five Remy`s
You can`t beat me no matter how hard you try, nigga
I`m a PI nigga, until I die nigga

[Street Katz]
Make us still wonder what`s the difference between us and them
Them sucka`s powder pimpin` while we more like feel mo` slim
And you may catch me every now and then in `gaters and brims
But mostly like the Rotley do rag, shell toes, and Timbs
Mama stop dealin` with them fakers and jokers and perpetrators
Who wants `em like the cake and we shake and bake `em and brake `em
They start to violate and we freeze `em just like a Steak `Em
We got the gift of gab cuz I sho` knows how make `em

Repeat 1

So fix your face and stay in your place and
I got folks in here they in the place
Don`t be mistaken, we down like a basement
We been here for years, this just a taste test
And you can`t be mad at me cuz I`m so so fly
And your girl chose me
It even happned once to me
Find your girl move on, and you gotta move on

Repeat 1

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