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Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

  • When I Said I Do

    These times are troubled and these times are good And they`re always gonna be, they rise and they fall We take `em all the way that we should Together you and me forsaking them all Deep in the night and by the light of day It alwa...

Марина Скачкова

  • Если зебра одинока

    Марина Скачкова

    Если зебра одинока -

    Значит зебре очень плохо.

    Это ж право грустно, братцы,

    По траве одной валяться,

    И самой с собой играть,

    И себя з...

Clint Black and Steve Wariner

  • Been There

    Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night And wonder where you were You need the one and only that can hold you tight And you reach for her, but shes not with you You just wish this trip would end You know Ive been ther...

Clint Black and Wynonna

  • A Bad Goodbye

    I`ve been bound to leave you, we`ve known that for awhile I`m sure it`s something I can`t do if I can`t leave you with a smile I don`t know how far I`ll have to go `til I`m sure those eyes won`t cry And in my mind I`ve left enough...

Clint Black

  • A Bad Goodbye

    Ive been bound to leave you, weve known that for awhile Im sure its something I cant do if I cant leave you with a smile I dont know how far Ill have to go til Im sure those eyes wont cry And in my mind Ive left enough to know ...


  • The Answer

    If I Didn`t Know The Answer... They`d Say To Find It In The Book But When I Couldn`t Find The Answer.. They Told Me That I Didn`t Look Some Say The Answer`s Never Easy...

Snchez-pedreo Salvador

  • Teorema De Fermat

    (CHORUS) Fermat, Fermat, teorema de Fermat la madre que lo pari yo tena una prueba pero el Claudi la jodi A los bilogos comparo con un saco de melones que pa uno que sale bueno los dems son maricones CHORUS A Informtica comparo co...

Sneaker Pimps

  • 6 Underground

    Take me down, 6 underground, The ground beneath your feet, Laid out low, nothing to go Nowhere a way to meet I`ve got a head full of drought, Down here, so faroff losing out Round here, Overground, watch this space, I`m o...

The Rattles

  • Bye Bye Johnny Be Good

    She drew out all her money at the southern trust and put her little boy aboard a greyhound bus leavin Louisiana for the golden west Down came her tears from her happiness Her own little son named Johnny be good Was gonna make some...

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