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Lumidee f Busta Rhymes, Fabolous

  • Never Leave (Remix)

    Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh [Busta Rhymes] You got a hotter other than my Copacabana, Mama You gotta like my dick when I`m loving persona Mama Always love to get with you whenever I never leave you, mama holla How you check me, can you give me the ooch...

OutKast feat. Erykah Badu, Big Rube and

  • Liberation

    And there`s a,and there`s a And there`s a, and there`s a, finnne.. linnne Too late to pray that I`m on it..

Александр Король

  • А вот любви прекрасные следы...

    Александр Король

    А вот любви прекрасные следы:

    листва цветная, тихая погода

    и легкий, чуть прохладный, ветерок,

    и листьев отгоревших горький дым,

    и стынущая прос...

Jay-Z f LaToiya Williams

  • All Around the World

    Swear to God I just touched down [Chorus: Jay-Z] + (LaToiya) All around the world.. (same song) Killa Cali nigga (same song) A-T-L (same song) Real-adelphia..

Kanye West f Common

  • Better Than Yours

    (Hook) My raps is better than yours My plaques is better than yours My tracks is better than yours You can have one but I have to charge We can start with the hits on my arm I already got the bomb Now all I need is my first LP to go gold Then I will h...


  • Breathless

    We passed through like a nightmare falling down,
    Without touching the ground.

    This ghost and vacant eye decieve thee,
    They`ve come to take me
    Without out words or silence.

Jagged Edge f Big Duke, Street Katz

  • They Ain`t JE (Remix)

    [Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, 5.8.1 She said he kinda weak see He ain`t provinding He ain`t like ya`ll niggas Nah, he don`t be riding He ain`t me, he ain`t JE 1 - Might be hard to see it, the way that he disguise it But he ain`t no foo...

Lyrical 187

  • Never Change

    (*talking*) Ha, Lyrical 1-8-7 the Terror Presidential affiliation, G.I.N. what it do ha [Hook - 2x] I ain`t never gon change my ways I`m still gon put it down in the streets, getting paid I`m still gon work the block, and make it bleed all day I`m sti...

Radio Futura

  • Escuela De Calor

    Arde la calle al sol de poniente hay
    tribus ocultas cerca del rio
    esperando que caiga la noche

    hace falta valor, hace falta valor
    ven a la escuela del calor

    se lo que tengo que hacer para conseguir

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