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Puff Daddy f Hurricane G

  • Forever

    [Hurricane G] Mira Puffy, oyeme papito Yo estoy cansada de estos hijos de su madre hablando mierda Tantos envidiosos, tu le tiene que ensenar como es esto okay Yo choque con uno hesteroso(?) en la calle Que estaban diciendo que tu te cres que eres el j...

Roberto Blades

  • Si Estubieras Conmigo

    solo ...que solo estoy,
    aun con tanta gente a mi alrededor
    yo sigo solo.

    quien soy, a donde voy,
    si en este mundo insierto donde vivo yo
    lo unico que quiero eres tu, tu mi amor
    tu ...

Foxy Brown f Method Man

  • Ill Na Na

    Intro: Method Man One time... Huhh, all up in ya like a bone when I... Johnny Blaze, the Iron Lung Foxy Brown, the Ill Na Na (yeah, c`mon, yeah, c`mon) Destination...

Lumidee f Busta Rhymes, Fabolous

  • Never Leave (Remix)

    Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh [Busta Rhymes] You got a hotter other than my Copacabana, Mama You gotta like my dick when I`m loving persona Mama Always love to get with you whenever I never leave you, mama holla How you check me, can you give me the ooch...

OutKast feat. Erykah Badu, Big Rube and

  • Liberation

    And there`s a,and there`s a And there`s a, and there`s a, finnne.. linnne Too late to pray that I`m on it..

Александр Король

  • А вот любви прекрасные следы...

    Александр Король

    А вот любви прекрасные следы:

    листва цветная, тихая погода

    и легкий, чуть прохладный, ветерок,

    и листьев отгоревших горький дым,

    и стынущая прос...

Jay-Z f LaToiya Williams

  • All Around the World

    Swear to God I just touched down [Chorus: Jay-Z] + (LaToiya) All around the world.. (same song) Killa Cali nigga (same song) A-T-L (same song) Real-adelphia..

Kanye West f Common

  • Better Than Yours

    (Hook) My raps is better than yours My plaques is better than yours My tracks is better than yours You can have one but I have to charge We can start with the hits on my arm I already got the bomb Now all I need is my first LP to go gold Then I will h...


  • Breathless

    We passed through like a nightmare falling down,
    Without touching the ground.

    This ghost and vacant eye decieve thee,
    They`ve come to take me
    Without out words or silence.

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