Ill Na Na — текст песни (Foxy Brown f Method Man)

Intro: Method Man

One time...
Huhh, all up in ya like a bone when I...
Johnny Blaze, the Iron Lung
Foxy Brown, the Ill Na Na (yeah, c`mon, yeah, c`mon)
Destination... (c`mon, c`mon) plat`

Verse One: Foxy Brown

Yo Na Na so Ill, first week out
Shipped a half a mil, niggaz freaked out
She`s all about sex, pard-on, check your facts
and the track record, I`m all about plaques
Shakin my ass half naked, lovin this life
Waitin for Kim album to drop, knowin it`s tight
Standin center stage, closin the show holdin a gat
Since you opened up, I know you`re hopin it`s wack
Niggaz, screamin my name on record straight whylin
Maybe I`ll answer back when you reach a hundred thousand
This is ladies night, and the Mercedes`s tight
When I`m coming home? Maybe tonight
Leave my food by the microwave, kiss the baby goodnight
It`s my time to shine it`s playtime tonight
I`ma try to stand my ground, know when I fall
I left your ass Home Alone, hopin I call

Chorus: Method Man

Who`s got the illest pussy on the planet?
Sugar walls comin down niggaz can`t stand it, the Ill Na Na
True Absolut Vodka, straight shots
for the has-beens and have-nots, dolla dolla
Real and it don`t stop, we movin up
First the mansion then the yacht, sound proper
Straight cash get got, bloodhounds
tryin to hunt down the Brown Fox, the Ill Na Na

Verse Two: Foxy Brown

No more sexin me all night, thinkin it`s alright
While I`m lookin over your shoulder, watchin the hall light
You hate when it`s a ball right? Ladies this ain`t handball
Nigga hit these walls right before I call Mike
In the morning when it`s all bright, eggs over easy
Hope you have my shit tight when I open my eyes
While I`m eatin gettin dressed up, this ain`t yo` pad
I left some money on the dresser, find you a cab
No more, sharin I pain, sharin I made
It`s time to outslick niggaz, ladies sharin our game
Put it in high gear, flip the eye wear
Nas Ruled the World but now it`s my year
And from, here on I solemnly swear
To hold my own like Pee Wee in a movie theater (uh-huh)
Yeah I don`t need a man`s wealth (yeah)
But I can do bad (bad) by my damn self (self)
And uhh...


Uhh... vodka...
Not... not...
Dolla dolla... stop stop...
C`mon c`mon... yah, it`s the Ill Na Na

Verse Three: Foxy Brown

No more Waitin To Exhale, we takin deep breaths
Ladies take this over, I be Fox so peep this
Love thyself with no one above thee
Cause ain`t nobody gon` love me like me
If he, don`t Do The Right Thing like Spike Lee
Bye bye wifey make him lose his Nike`s (uh uh, yeah)
Hit the road
Mami told me in order to, find a Prince
you gotta kiss some toads


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