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Wilson Pickett

  • In the Midnight Hour

    I`m gonna wait til the midnight hour

    that`s when my love comes tumbling down.
    I`m gonna wait for the midnight hour

    when there`s no one else around.
    I`m gonna take you
    girl and hold you


Bruce dickinson

  • 1000 Points of Light

    You can sail in the desert
    With a ship of fools
    You can smuggle in Moses
    And his book of rules
    But you can`t take mother
    And give her back her son
    Hey what kind of freedom
    Is bought with a gun...

JXL vs Elvis

  • Little less conversation

    A little less conversation, a little more action please
    All this aggravation ain`t satisfactioning me
    A little more bite and a little less bark
    A little less fight and a little more spark
    Close your mouth and open up ...

Big Mack

  • A Better Way

    You betta keep your vest on your chest when I flex Cause niggas be coming foul trying to put me to the test I know what`s next, you wanna see if I`m a G to get my buck on Pistol grip to your dome while I gets my gauge on Looking at me like you looking ...


  • As The Wolves Houl Again

    Awakened by the wolves howlings, watching out within the castle`s walls. I saw the fullmoon, guiding my life...


  • All My Life

    Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Oooooooh Im so glad i I will never find another lover Sweeter than you Sweeter than you And I will never find another lover More precious than you More...

Big Kap Funkmaster Flex f Method Man

  • The Tunnel

    [Meth] Jeeeez! Now right You know you dead wrong Yo know... Turn me up, turn me up Jab me with a fuckin` spoon You know you dead wrong For this one right here baby, for real Yo, yo, yo Another day, another dollar Sharks wanna bite don`t bother `Cau...

Fredriksson Marie

  • (du R En) Vinnare

    (English: (You Are A) Winner) Published by Inhouse Music Du sjer att lyckan / r en nl i en hstak / och den som har stuckit sej / fr skylla sej sjlv / Du vet att du kan / men inte om du vill / Jag menar vad ska en man / ha framgnge...

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    Вот и кончилась моя удача.
    Официант, давай скорее счёт.
    Жизнь моя как загнанная кляча
    Воз тяжёлый больше не везёт.
    Сердцу всё безрадостно, не мило.
    Поле спелой ржи дождём сечёт.
    Разлюбила та, что не любила.

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