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Oli P

  • Der 7. Sinn

    Verpiss dich, ich weiss genau, du vermisst mich
    Sagte meine Ex, doch ich sagte ihr: Is` nicht
    Du bist nicht alles auf der Welt fьr mich, mein Schatz
    Ich hab` noch Freunde, und die hab`n in meinem Leben auch `n Platz

VNV Nation

  • After Fire

    We have been waiting for you, anticipating you We shall not lose faith in all that is heaven. Because heaven is such a small place Seconds to minutes to hours to days. Screaming for something that`s something I will never hold.

Jonny Logan

  • What`s Another Year

    I`ve been waiting such a long time Looking out for you but you`re not here What`s another year - I`ve been waking such a long time Reachin` out for you but you aren`t near What`s another year.

Jonny Nash

  • Tears On My Pillow

    I can`t take it I`m so lonely gee I need you so I can`t take it for I wonder why you had to go. But baby ev`ry night I wake up crying tears on my pillow And pain in my heart and you on my mind.

Jonny Reimar

  • Michelle

    Michelle my belle dieser Name klingt so glockenhell my Michelle Michelle my belle sag verstehst du mich eventuell eventuell je`taime je`taime mehr hab` ich nie gelernt; doch du willst mich verstehen! Deine Augen brauchen nur in me...


  • Your Love Is So Nice

    I woke up this morning feeling a mess `Cause my rent was overdue and My car note was next. Seems the only thing or time comes every month my way, So I think I`m gonna lay right here for the rest of the day.

Joplin Janis

  • Ball And Chain

    Ball and Chain by Janis Joplin (Please take the accuracy of these lyrics with a grain of salt.

Avi Toledano

  • Hora

    Hora Hora Hora - Through the years I believe in the mystery Of a dance that will always sunrive - It`s history ist`s like a part of me Feel how it brings us alive.

bruce lee band

  • gilligans twist

    artist: bruce lee band song: gilligan`s twist Tabbed by: Justin Reynolds ( G:------------------------------ D:-----------9-------------7--- A:-----045--77--7--55------- E:-55--------------------------- G:---------------------------...

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