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Andrea True Connection

  • More More More do you like your love? do you like your love?

    But if you want to know how i really feel
    Get the cameras rolling
    Get the action going
    Baby you know our love for you is real
    Take ...

Jermaine Dupri f Jagged Edge

  • Yours & Mine

    (J.D. talking) J.E. y`all, uh, J.D. y`all, that`s me Swizz Beats, come on (Chorus - Jagged Edge) (J.D.

Nasty Boy Klick f Roger Troutman

  • Down For Yours (NBK Mix)

    Down for yours if you`re down for mine Ooooooo.... Nastyboy Klick, I would die for you Down for yours if you`re down for mine Ooooooo....

Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli) f Baham

  • Chaos

    [Talib Kweli] We your rhyme sayers, we lead you like a beacon of light, out of the chaos, cuttin down overzealous players who stare, when the winners of the game walk in well prepared, climbin the stairways to heaven while you scared of the people livi...


  • Cracked Messiah

    How could it ever come to be that his great and genial fragile mind
    appeared to be a cavity
    And then the enemy dropped the bomb
    survivors there were none,
    she said
    and smiled, I jerked, I tried again
    and faile...

Ray Luv

  • Chasin Heaven, Raisin Hell

    (Link crew hustlas in this muthafucka) Everyday I spend in my life, I`m just trying to get my hustle right I`m on the block chasing mail all day, raisin hell all day Life`s been crazy for me, since the day I could see Momma died, couldn`t cry till I t...

Trond Viggo Torgersen

  • Bare Barn Er Barn

    Hallo, er det mulig е fе шrens lyd her?
    Nе skal vi synge en veldig fin sang om barn
    Ja, vжr stille da, sitt ned, Reidar, Еse
    Vжr stille nе begynner fшrste...

Marie Andergast & Hans Lang

  • Ganz langsam

    Er ist zwanzig
    sie ist zwanzig
    macht zusammen vierzig.
    Ja mit zwanzig so mit zwanzig
    ist die Liebe würzig!
    Erst ein bißchen
    nur ein Küßchen
    auf die Hand sonst gar nichts

Osdorp Posse

  • Abstract Met Tact

    (Voor zover ik (Daniel) weet is deze tekst door Def P. zelf opgestuurd naar Ewout) Abstract en met tact heb ik een stijl gepakt en verkapt en vertakt zodat mijn peil niet zakt, dus pak je shit maar in, d`r zit geen pit meer in,...

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