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Shapplin Emma

  • Carmine Meo

    (Andrea San Giovanni/Marie-Ange Chapelain - Andrea San Giovanni) Carmine sanati meo Adice praeceptis tuis Mala sunt vicina bonis Crimina tanta remitto Nauta qui traicis umbras Or attendi ! Qui nunc iacet horrida pulvis Non lacerar...


  • 2nd Thoughts

    I Hold Your Throat Within My Naked Hand I Can Never Hope
    To Have You Hear My Word I Lose Control At The Sight Of Blood
    I Visit You Through Six Feet Of Soil Bitch! I`m Mad As Hell,
    Mad As Hell Why Can`t You Understand The Words ...

Trina feat. Tweet, Missy

  • No Panties

    [Tweet (Chorus):]
    No panties comeing off
    my love is gonna cost
    cause ain`t no way
    that you gonna get up
    in this for free


    Look boo what da deal

miller buddy

  • i cant help it

    Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 05:58:01 GMT From: Rick L To:, Subject: CRD: I Can`t Help It Buddy Miller Chords/Lyrics Buddy Miller I Can`t Help It written by Julie Miller ...

Dayanti Kris

  • Belum Juga Datang

    Senja t`lah hilang Berganti malam dan aku masih tetap disini Namun engkau masih belun juga datang Birunya aku disini Ingin kucerita tentang semua mimpi Karena kucinta ..

Evergreen Terrace

  • Behind My Back

    so you think that you are better, better than this better than all. broken. you dont know just how i feel. you dont know just what is real. so why did you say those things to try and hurt me.

miller glen

  • in the mood

    ----------------------------------------------------------------- IN THE MOOD Glen Miller Arrangement ----------------------------------------------------------------- transcribed by kupfer email chords used in t...

miller marcus

  • burning down the house

    Artist: Marcus Miller Music: Burning Down The House Album: M2 Tabbed By: Andre Veloso ( Riff 1 (00:30) G||--------------------|--------12--12--10--12--13...

No Innocent Victim

  • All For The Color

    I see the hatred buring in your heart/ and your devotion to your so called cause/ no matter what anyone can tell you/ you`re always right and they`re always wrong/ you say you`re racially pure/ but you were born in sin/ anger burns inside of you/ all f...

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