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  • Bloodstreets

    Powdery streets of these means towns where evil rules and death is princess Drunkards sleep there beggars live here dogs and rats stale near our children Oh, no! I`m dead beat I can`t see it anymore I can`t permit it Drug and su...

music man

  • til there was you

    From: (Marc Hertzberg (History: Love it or leave it!)) Til There Was You (The Music Man) Intro: F Fdim Gm C7 (repeat) -|--1----------------------------------------- -|-----1---------...

Lee Rocker

  • Mr. Newman

    Puts the empty bottles out by the door You can always hear him laughin` I`m so glad he`s happy now Mr.


  • Delirious Tongues

    headless deceiver, queen of all lies and you believed her, can`t see it in her eyes realized that what you say just can`t be true a hypocrite, a liar - yes, that is you into a web of mythologies writing the script as you speak y...

mustard plug

  • Alone

    I saw you today. Had nothing to say. I just walked on by right on my way. You flashed me a smile, I threw it right back. It wasn`t my miss I know for a fact.

Ryder Mitch

  • Devil With The Blue Dress

    DEVIL WITH THE BLUE DRESS/GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLEY By Mitch Ryder Hey, alright, jump up, get it (chorus) (do twice in the beginning) Devil with the blue dress, blue dress, blue ...


  • Brother Against Brother

    pride yourself open minded... that what you say just fashion styled spirits altering the straight edge way you`re just like those who you try to stand apart ignorant...

Harlem World f Mase

  • All Out (Original)

    [Mase] Yo, this go out to radio stations The disc jockeys, college radio Independent market And promotions street team Anybody who put a sticker up Anybody that passed the word bout Harlem World Anybody that kept the buzz goin Everybody that st...


  • $

    you`re not taken seriously
    by the sleeping crowd
    playing on a stage
    unless you get paid
    we hate their opinions
    we hate their principles
    we don`t want their attention
    unless they wake up some day

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